AMD A10-5800k DayZ

Would an A10-5800k preform well playing DayZ? I am planning on building a budget build for about $500 (Thats with Windows 7 included) and was curious if this APU could play DayZ at 30+FPS with at least Medium Video Settings. I'm sure I'll need some fast RAM to help power my APU so I'm open to suggestions and builds (either Intel or AMD) in my price range that could play DayZ at my standards. :D

you could definitely get something more powerful than the a10-5800k at $400

Well I'm open to suggestions. :D

Id suggest going for an FX-6300 but then you're gonna need a graphics card. Im working on my first build and back in January I was gonna go APU but after getting advice from here, I decided to hold off and spend a little more and get something way better. I went from about a $450 APU build to my current build(which Im still building) which is costing me a total of about $775. But in the long run, Im able to future proof it a bit more which means no need for me to upgrade for awhile. 


Heres my current build. The only parts I do not have yet are my CPU, the cooler(which Im gonna switch to something different. Maybe an H100i) and my graphics card(which happens to be the most expensive thing in my build, and should be).


So while, yes, the A10 will run DayZ, it would be on the best settings and the FPS won't be that great, it is still playable.