AMD A10 5800k 3.8Ghz $300-400

Hi, I was wondering what suggestions the community might have for my upgrading my pc I've worked out some things though  just thought maybe I should consult some experts :D. Also I was wondering what dedicated gpu would work if i have the money? Though the only things I think would work out I've put in through links since pc parts doesn't have the a10. I'm considerable STUCK though on which cooling system I should get if i do OverClock to 4.2 Ghz






Well since you're going with an APU based system, I would really recommend getting a Radeon HD 6670 and running it in dual graphics mode with the APU. If you want a more powerful descrete graphics card, then I would really suggest stepping up to an FX CPU or at least getting an AM3+ motherboard and running a Phenom II in it until you can upgrade to FX.

Well, with the A10, you're limited to pairing with the 6000-6900 series if you wish to crossfire.

Really, the best value for money is the 6670 2Gb..Performs like a boss for the price they are currently at..If you can afford it, maybe go 6970.


EDIT: I would go with the Corsair H80..Apparantly decent, and fairly low priced compared to other liquidd coolers..But if you want to go with a fan CPU cooler, then I can;t help there.

What? The highest tiered GPU the APUs can pair with right now is the 6670. There's no reason to buy a 6970.

Really?..I heard that they could take anything less than a 7000 series.

No, the best card you can pair them with right now is the Radeon HD 6670.

And you are recomending builds graig T_T 

I've spent far too much time on youtube looking up how these things perform than I really have any reason to..So may aswell try and put what little knowledge I have to good use.

Its ok Craigpd everyone makes mistake and a lil power boost from the 6970 if i had the money would be awesome THanks For the Insite Guys i bought all my parts :3