whats the difference between the 2 series. Im looking at the PDF file and it looks like the only difference is clock speed and memory, but no difference  in stream processors. Is this true?

Im pretty sure if all AMD can come up with is a few minor tweaks then the series is gonna get blown out of the water for sucking.

8xxx series isn't out yet and we know practically nothing.

we do know that the code name will be "Sea Islands" and will feature an all round bigger more efficient core. a Tahiti core has about 4.3B transistors and the replacement "Curacao" core will have about 6B.

We have already seen an 8xxx series core on the market "bonaire" was used in the 7790 recently

"This is an HD8970, and i't a graphics card." ~Logan (somewhat)

AMD & NVidia Both seem to run on a tick-tock just like intel but it's not as stricked.

Next gen Nvidia (7xx) and Amd (8xxx) will both be base on the current 28nm


Note: this is still all rumored *somewhat*

source: (wikipedia is not bad)


The only 8000 series anyone knows anything about is the mobile 8000 OEM parts. Those are literally rebrands of the 7000 series parts, and nothing more.

AMD's real next-gen cards won't be out for probably a few more months at least, and could very well be based on a 20nm process. It also probably won't be called the 8000 series.

According to the latest leaky rumor thing I've seen, the top card in the new series should trade blows with a Titan for performance. But, if it's at 20nm, it would be much smaller (die size) and thus cheaper.

The criticism you're posing against AMD is pretty much moot considering Nvidia pretty much just rebranded all of their cards. The GTX 770 is just a faster iteration of the GTX 680, the GTX 780 is a watered down GTX Titan, and it's sounding like the GTX 760 is just a faster iteration of the GTX 660 TI. Nvidia hasn't exactly done anything ground breaking with their new cards. They just clocked a few of their cards higher and watered down their "God" card.

i wasnt criticizing i was just saying if they are gonna rebrand their card they should at least offer some other worth features


The way I see it, AMD is overlooking an 8000 line to make the 700 series look insignificant, and they want to work on GPU's to compete with Maxwell, but to most people, AMD appears to have nothing to play.