AMD 8320 oc

So I managed to get my 8320 to 4.7 Ghz with 1.380V  stable on my 990fx sabertooth gen 2.0. During stress tests the temps get up to 54 C I have a couple questions 1. do you think i still have alittle more headroom to overclock 2. will i even see a diffrence in performance 3. what do you think the max temp i should let the processor get to with extended use? thanks

If you have gotten a 8320 to 4.7 Ghz with 1.380V  stable you have hit the silicon lottery jackpot.

Max temps for FX 8320's is 62c keep the max temps around 50-55c just to have a nice safe margin in temperatures....of course you can run it up to 60c if you like but 4.7Ghz is impresive on a FX8320 keep it at that.

Ok so i did a little rearranging in my case and added two fans, and my temps dropped to 49c during a stress test. I am totally happy with these temps and intend to keep it for everyday use but I was curious if i could take it to 5Ghz just for bragging rights. When i tried taking it to 4.8 I blue screened so im just curious how much voltage should I add if any to make it stable? thanks