AMD 6800-K with Hyper 212 Evo Problem

I ran a video encode with handbrake to see how it would go.  I used Hardware Monitor to view the temps.  The temps jumped FAST from low 40's to a peak of 95 C under full load.  I shut her down and am worried.

Is handbrake really this powerful of a program or have I done something wrong with thermal paste application or install of the 212?

My idle temps are about 42, under load they hit about 56.


How did you apply the paste ?How is the airflow in your case ?What is the orientation of fans and the heatsink fan?What is the ambient temperature ?



The paste was applied using the dot method.  two front case fans for intake, one for exhaust at the back, and the 212 evo fan is blowing toward the exhaust fan.  The ambient temperature is about 85 degrees.

EDIT:  The paste was moved around quite a bit on the cpu when I was installing the heatsink.

Everything seems normal.12-13 degrees above ambient is a small bit high but nothing to worry about,95 at load isn't normal tho.

I am guessing its either too much paste or bios cpu fan profile or restricted intake as everything else is normal.

Appreciate it, re-applied thermal paste re-installed and tightened heatsink as it was a little loose previously.  May try again at some point. 

The maximum temperature for that APU is 74 C. Except for the obvious possible solutions: reapplying the paste, checking if the cooler is put corectly you can have incorrect temperature readings. I also had some problems with my cpu's temperature because I changed the loadline calibration for it in my bios, did you do any changes ? Try resetting the bios to default settings or updating it.