AMD 5Ghz CPU?! It's been announced!

There you go, guys.

I bet this will have a massive TDP, so I bet it'll need some really powerful coolers - like those 70$+ air or liquid coolers.

Anyways, hope this is interesting for your guys. So, to the AMD fans out there, drool in awe and desire... xD

This is quite old news............................220w TDP I think is how much they said it was.

its just a premium binned 8350 overclocked to 5ghz...

no real reason to get excited.

Actually, there's some new technology there regarding the way the CPU boosts.

It is 220W of TDP. But, I wonder if this will be accessible to the general public. I heard rumors of it costing 799$, but if it does cost that much, only enthusiast overclockers are going to buy it, and only for the purpose of records.

So really, I just hope AMD will start working on Steamroller with 22nm (or 20nm) parts for their Desktop components soon. And hopefully they'll get their single-threaded performance up so it can anihilate Haswell. Because Haswell didn't deliver the performance upgrade we wanted. (Althought the motherboard features, integrated voltage regulator and integrated memory controller are awesome. And I love how ASUS made overclocking with Haswell so simple!)

Here's hoping that they make a CPU whose performance can actually beat a i7 4770K or i7 3930K in real-world tests and gaming. Because if it's 799$ as rumored, and it's performance is inferior to either of those CPUs, than this CPU won't make a dent in sales.