AMD 5700G IGPU passthrough reset bug

hello everyone
now i successfully passthrough 5700g igpu on pve to win10 vm. first start up ,its independent Screen can sea.And also i can use this win10 vm play game with lol.But its cant reset ,if its reset the Screen not sea. i google for help .i looked for AMD gpu has reset bug. And has bigboss already replay it. but replay plan is not for 5700g igpu.So i look for help. Please bigboss help me I well very thanks you.

Last, I am a chinese men. My English is not good.Please forgive me,thanks.

Sorry I can’t help with the reset issue, but I am intrigued how you got this working at all?

Can you detail the process please? I Googled this, and your post seems to be the only successful attempt!

I agree (curious), while I’m not doing passthrough I built my roommates new machine around a 5700G so the radeon could run a few screen but it’s been nothing but trouble. Certainly not nice to work with much less for a looking glass set up. Plus it’s slow as hell so not sure what you’d play that won’t run better in Wine on your main GPU.

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