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AMD 3900x and H100i v2

My Setup:

Gigabyte Aorus Elite WiFi (f11 Bios, the latest)
Latest Chipset from AMD
AMD 3900x
Corsair H100i v2
Windows 10 64bit Updated

The first couple of days I had my cpu it was idling between 30c - 40c and under gaming load 60c - 70c

Now though under same conditions it’s idling between 50c - 60c and under gaming load 75c -85c

Cinebench and Aida64 will take it to 95c

I’ve done tons of googling and I’m reading that this seems to be normal for this CPU, however these temps seem a little high. I’ve cleaned both the h100i v2 block and cpu a few times to reapply thermal paste with same results. I’ve played around with windows power plans, no change. I even found an article where a developer created a custom power plan called 1usmus, this made it worse however.

At the moment I’m undervolting with a vcore offset of -.1 which is bringing my idle temps down to 45c -55c and gaming to 70c -75c and benchmarks to 85c - 92c. I also have to have the pump set to full maxed in icue to achieve this temps

In all my googling most people say it’s not worth swapping out the h100i to a noctua air cooler or dark rock pro 4 cooler since performance is similar. However in those posts there temps without a undervolt vcore offset match my temps or slightly lower.

So I’m wondering if I might get slightly better cooling performance from a dark rock pro 4, different air cooler, or different aio. Since my temps are slightly higher than what some people reporting.

All I did to sort my 3900x out with its temp spikes was set all the fans to 40% from 0C to 65C and then go to 100% at 75C.

Right now conky is reporting my temp at 32.6C. Don’t get me wrong it still jumps around up to 50C or so but mostly it stays on the low side between 30C and 40C.

I have a 360mm AIO in the front of my case (Define R6 USB-C Blackout in the airflow configuration). I also have x3 140mm PWM fans in the roof and another as rear exhaust.

I have done no overclocking or tweaks to the system bar applying the inbuilt D.O.C.P profile with RAM at 3600MHz


Because I want to single out the Corsair AIO I contacted Corsair and they advised me to do an RMA. So in the mean time I installed the stock wraith cooler.

Something interesting is I set my bios back to optimal settings. With stock cooler and default settings no negative vcore offset. Now im getting better themals compared to my Corsair H100i v2.

With Stock Wraith Cooler:
Idle = 35c - 45c
Web Browsing = 40c - 50c
Gaming Temps even more interesting = 50c - 55c. While gaming as soon as it hits 55c fans kick to max and then temps drop back down to 50c.
Cinebench = 70c - 80c
Aida64 = 88c - 90c

Kinda weird that the H100i v2 performs worse when it comes to idle temps and gaming temps. I also had to undervolt with the H100i. I watched Wendell’s video on 3900x cooling. He talked about how the cooling pipes on the wraith cooler line up with die placements on the CPU. So maybe thats why? The h100i water AIO block covers the entire CPU so I would imagine the AIO is moving a lot of heat away as well.

For the time being I guess I am just goint to use the stock cooler since it is performing better than my Corsair AIO was. I will RMA the Corsair, but im not entirely sure I will use the replacement.

Does this make sense? In all my google searches it seems to be the stock cooler has higher temps than AIO’s and thirdparty Air Coolers. Maybe my AIO was malfunctioning. HMM not sure, Im still looking at my temps kind of in amazement lol.

As an owner of 3 of the corsair h100i (v1 and v2) those coolers are kinda junk. They often get outperformed by higher end air coolers.

The stock wraith cooler is also very good for a stock cooler.

I’m not surprised by your results really. Did you measure your temps after the loop was saturated initially?


Maybe an issue with pump?
I mean Corsair aio’s aint unknown for that.
Or maybe the liquid inside the cooler is not great.

The Corsair coolers are Asutek. Its the same as most coolers on the market. Their OK I had a V1 RMAd it and now I have a V2 but I wouldn’t buy one over a custom loop again… The fans that come with them are trash… They all failed in a very short time… The V2 is better than the V1… So far…

You can adjust the pump speed on those but you probably know that. Maybe try a better thermal paste if you used the stock paste. Also try remounting it maybe its not sitting right. You could have a bum unit… I assume your case and fans are all clean. And I assume you checked that the fans are working, didn’t get unplugged some how and the fan speeds are the same… I would check the fans again though like I said the fans that come with it are literally trash. I had one fail week 1. Even if their spinning they might already be dying.

Switching to air cooling will only benefit you if your case is designed for air cooling.

This AIO v2 cooler is 2 years old not having any issue at all in my previous setup. Although that was a Ryzen 1700 which doesn’t run quite as hot. Yeah I checked all those things you recommended. Since I had to remove the AIO for RMA and I put the stock cooler in I put fans where the rad use to be. So I have fresh air coming in through the front and then air comes out the back and top of case.

Great. Hopefully they take care of it for you.

Ive got a BeQuiet Darkrock Pro 4 on my 3900x and get better performance. Even the box cooler is decent. Just because its water cooling, doesn’t mean its better than an air cooler.


My custom loop is nice and quiet most of the time :wink:

My NH-U9S in push/pull can take care of a 3900X. That AIO is broken.
Which is why I don’t use AIOs: They break. :wink:

Sorry to bump thread,

I am wondering if my temps are normal though. I have the H100i and 3900X. During a Cinebench R20 run my cpu gets to around ~73c but during folding at home cpu work it can get to ~89c. Should there be that much of a difference between workloads? Would the 89c be considered safe for the cpu?


How long are you running Cinnabench? The water takes some time to be fully saturated so could be simply you just arent running it long enough, also the complexity of the task can effect that look at Prime95 SFF vs other benchmarks both CPUS are 100% in use but the work is different.

Status Update

So I had originally planned to RMA the Corsair AIO. However, I decided to wait till now to make a decision; hence the long gap in posts. I ended up swapping cases to the Lian-Li 011D, 6 Corsair ML120 Fans. Then I swapped out a stock cooler with an NZXT X63.

The Lian-Li case can’t fit the Noctua D15 so that’s why I went with an AIO. I am actually pretty surprised at the results I’m getting based on all the research I’ve done recently.

Here are the new thermals I’m getting (NZXT set to Quiet Mode):

Idle: 35c - 45c
Gaming: 50c - 60c
Cinebench: 60c - 71c

Ocassiaonly I’ll get an idle spike, but after a few secs, it goes back down to normal idle temps. I should also mention that I’m running the 1usmus power profile as well; so this seems to help as well. I’m super stoked that I managed to bring my temps back into a zone that doesn’t make me nervous lol. It’s only been a couple of hours so I’ll make another post in a couple of weeks with another update. Thanks for everyone’s help!!! :slight_smile: