AMD 300 Series Rumor

First of all I agree with the author of this article in saying that the score seems pretty absurd for scoring what two 290 can achieve.  However there is always a small chance, and if this is true, then NVidia would have a hard time beating this even with the 980ti/titanX or whatever they have up their sleeve to counter AMD.

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Well I am gonna take this with a grain of salt but if this is true then wow. nVidia is really gonna be in trouble. 

TBH I think they already are at least for high resolution gaming... Just watched Linus's review of the new Galax? 980 HOF. It beat a Vapor X 290X by 3 FPS in game at 4K... Yeah I'm sorry but I don't think 3 FPS is worth $250 more... Really the 980 is a silly card and in general the 900 series was more just a cheaper replacement for the 780 and 780 Ti. I'm really hoping that AMD comes out with something truly groundbreaking that crushes the competition. 

Sucks though. Even if AMD does produce a GPU that dominates people will just cry about power consumption, or non existent driver issues and what not. 

I am really looking forward to how HBM affects the cards.

I'd imagine the effect would be considerable especially at higher resolutions. 

We have seen how much RAM speed effects performance. On the APU, for example, going from 1600Mhz to 2400Mhz will give you nearly 15 more FPS. RAM speed and bandwidth are incredibly important to performance. This is also evident on the nVidia 900 series cards. They have kept the same narrow memory bus, compared to AMD's 512 bit interface, and they suffer for it. While their compression technology helps a bit it doesn't work as well at higher resolutions (1440+). So the GPU can't move textures in and out fast enough because of the narrow bus. It strangles it. Meaning a 290X can perform as well or better than a GTX 980 at 4K. 

So HBM with its massive increase in bandwidth should seriously improve performance all around but especially at 4K. I think the R9 3XX series will be the first single GPU cards to be designed for 4K. 

If this is true then Nvidia will have to bribe more game developers to cripple their games for AMD users. Probably fake though. I mean, come on. How could it not be?

Nvidia are probably going to have to go bridgeless at some point as I would imagine they are butting into the same issues amd had with the bandwidth limitations

i want one definitely, But i suppose that the 390X will probably getting a rediculous premium price, if it realy performs like what i have seen sofar from it.

cant wait to see the 380X and 390X hitting the market, and show what they are up to.

Well it will probably be like the 980 and 970 when it comes to the price. The smart money goes for the 970/380X where as if you need to have those three more FPS you get the 980/390X and pay a shit ton more for it. Hopefully the 390X will be significantly more powerful though then the 280x to better justify the price. Unlike the difference between the 970 and 980. 


my next upgrade will be the generation after that, doubt I will be struggling on what I currently have (although I could be wrong).

It has been 1 year and a couple months since AMD released Hawaii in October 8, 2013 and all Nvidia did to compete was making GPUs with lower TDP and overclocking. The GTX 980 is just neck and neck with the GTX 780 TI.

This could be fake for all I know (Just like the fake Bulldozer benchmarks before its launch killing the i7s at the time but that is CPUs), but if this is true for the 380X, then I cannot imagine the unfathomable beast that is the 390X (or whatever AMD will call their cards). Best part is, it just the prototype. They haven't add any revisions and drivers yet which will boost performance greatly.

AMD released Hawaii in October 8, 2013 

Was is that long ago? WHAT YEAR IS IT?!

Well the team that designed it didn't say it was "king of the hill" for nothing. Also to note the titan 2 is coming also. They have a cut down version which is speculated to be the 980ti? If the chiphell benchmarks are correct it puts them neck and neck with AMD. You also have to consider these aren't mantle benchmarks either. So good job to AMD team.

I know man. Time flies really fast. This is the year 20XX and the Mavericks are at a war against the humans who created them.

I really don't want to get hype again. I like AMD they are my go to for both CPU and GPU and I am really looking forward to seeing what is new with both 300 series and K12 but I don't have the money to support the upgrade every year lifestyle.

Stop making my want all the new shiney things.

Here is a new rumor on the 380x, however I see no possible way for this to be true if they plan on releasing a single gpu 390x.  If the 380x already has 4092 cores, then the 390x would be around 295x2 levels in a single card.  Although that would explain the cooler leaks from november....

But the innovation though!

If you are satisfied with what you have, then there is no need to upgrade.

the bench mark was debunked in the comments. its the exact same numbers when they tested 2 x 290x