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AMD 2990WX stability and performance problems


hi guys. my boss bought an amd 2990wx system
aorus pro x399
64gb corsair lpx 2666Mhz
antec 850W Psu
Arctic Freezer 33 TR
now i am having performance and stability problems with this setup.

stability wise when i setting the ram to XMP profile to work at 2666 Mhz I am getting black screen after few min of rendering no matter what.
at 2133 mhz i can render and work and get black screen after 6 or 8 hours only… and some days not getting at all.

performence issues - when i check the CPU mhz speed with ryzen master softwere i can see that when i render all cores are going down to 1.5 Ghz only… when the computer is doing light tasks the peak cpu speed is up to 3.8 Ghz.
in ray benchmark i am geting 20000 score.
is it normal? i thought that all cores need to run at 3000 Mhz at least…
1.5 sounds very low.

i am thinking of telling my boss to replace the cooler and MB
but the shop that he bought it from telling us that the cooler and mb should work fine with 2990wx and maybe the problem is in the RAM.
but they dont want to give warranty to 2666 speed because they dont allow us to change nothing at the bios.
can u guys give me some feedback on if 2990wx is working normal at 1.5 GHz all 32 cores? when rendering?



68c at 1.5ghz? Seems wrong?

Also if you want high speed ram you have to really pick the best ram. Have you made sure the ram isn’t hynix ram?? Is the 64gb 4x16gb or 8x32gb?

Have you touched the heatsink with the side off to see what might be going on? Does it feel like an oven?

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the ram is 4 X 16GB LPX corsair 2666Mhz. XMP profile sets the ram to 2666 MHz but after few min there is the black screen.
i touched the heatsink and it seems fine… warm but nothing special.



68c is the temperature that Threadripper will start to throttle to protect itself. Considering you are getting 1.5ghz clock speeds I would say that that is a safe bet.

I am a proud owner of TR and the Arctic Freezer 33 TR. The cooling performance on my 2950x was acceptable. Idle 32/34c and under gaming load between 50 and 60c.

It would get close to thermal throttling around 66 to 67c when doing stress tests which made me feel a tad uncomfortable so I switched to an Enermax LIQTECH 360. I switched back one day to do some comparisons and found that the Arctic Freezer 33 TR was horrible and thermal throttling at the slightest touch. I realized I put a tiny bit too much thermal grease and re-seated the cooler and things went back to normal.

Summary: The Arctic Freezer 33 TR struggled with my 2950x and you have an even more demanding CPU. Also, it might help to re-seat the cooler.

PS: For good messure, you may wanna stress test the PC starting with memtest86 and then prime95.



Try running with the side off and a box fan blowing to the inside of the pc. This is for sure off the reservation results.



Actually this is exactly what i did before taking the Temp pic. the case is with 2 doors open and a samll fan pointing inside the case. the temps are 68c and clock speed 1.5 ghz on full load.
i think tomorrow i gonna tell my boss we should replace the cooler to something like bequiet tr4 or cooler master warthripper tr4.



if you have a few grams of thermal paste there is no harm in reseating the cooler too. Sometimes people do dumb stuff like forget to take off the sticker that comes on the bottom sometimes that prevents the metal from oxidizing



I totally never done that… ever. :stuck_out_tongue:



i recently build a 2990wx workstation (still under setup) using popos but i guess it does not matter.

i had tons of issues with DOCP (XMP) or anything the mobo did by its own automatically overclocking anything.

im using corsair pro rgb ram at 3200 but i was only able to overclock to 2866 8 sticks 128GB

i managed to get the cores at 4.1 ghz cooling with a EKWB monoblock (cpu is in its own block) with a 4 fan rad

under stress test i get to about 55 degrees.

but ditch anything the mobo bios does automatically i got nothing but problems with that.

i had to reset CMOS like 20 times untill i figure out mobo profiles were BS



Hi quick update. i manage to convince my boss to replace us the MB and Cooler to auros extreme and bequiet TR4. now all cpu cores run fine at above 3.2ghz at load and with lower temps. no crash so far.
too bad the memory still runat 2133 because the shop forbid us to change the bios settings for warranty. its not my computer so i dont want to change things. but never mind this thing run very fast at renders even at 2133Mhz speed