AMD $1000 Build Suggestions?

Hey, I'm looking to do a $1000 gaming build for the near future. I was hoping I could get some advice/tips for some changes to my build so far!

Please add any changes that would make my build even better. 

P.S I don't need a mechanical hard drive because I have one, and I don't need an optical drive because I have one! :D

i like it the way it is i think it will serve you well

if you're dumping in a thousand then you may as well go for intel

personally I would get this just changed a few things but your original post is very good too.  Can't go wrong with the parts you have picked

That build looks every solid to me.

People did complain that the UD3 lacked a good number of fan connectors, but with the phantom you don't have to worry about it! smart

This was just for fun, I wanted to see if I can fit in a 7970 which I did ;o but it comes to $1073 without mail-in rebate

and I'm not sure if you're picky about a modular vs non modular PSU, but just throwing my 2 cents out there

Might as well get a 7970

haha, Z can always be relied on if you wanna fit a 7970 in ANY budget

Wow, thanks guys! I decided to just add a 7970 and pay the little bit more! Can't wait until I get the money for this build! Lol Z Thanks again you guys :D

lose the Gigabyte UD3 board, worst performing 990FX board availiable

get a Biostar TA990FXE or ASRock extreme 4

get the 7970

get a FX-8320 instead as its identical to the 8350 but cheaper, and overclocks to the same speeds as the 8350 overclocks to

get cheaper 1600mhz ram and get a XFX, Seasonic, or Rosewill (rebranded superflower) powersupply

You can also go NVidia.

It can be cheaper if you choose the 2GB 670s, but obviously the 7970 would be the better choice as it is somewhat faster in a lot of cases( and gaming), and the 1GB edge over the 670 is only the icing on the top. So I chose to show the 4GB one, to show some competitiveness. 

Either way, you can't go wrong

Also, LOL. I don't think I can fit a 7970 in any budget.

Can you please elaborate? I was actually looking at that exact mobo, and it was a bit over what I was planning on spending. I just really liked to looks of it. But if you have any solid reasons not to get it or other suggestions I'd definitely love to hear it haha.

the TA990FXE is the best performing motherboard when you do overclocking, while the UD5 and UD3 are a bit lower than all the rest but score nearly identically except when overclocking very high in which the UD5 does slightly better than the UD3

the issue with the TA990FXE though is that with multiple GPUs it dosent perform as well as the others, but still above the UD3


Eh, I don't really have the budget to spend 140$ on a motherboard. Like, the 125$ for the Gigabyte is a bit overkill, I just really wanted a 990 on the build. Thanks though!

To OP; sorry lol.


for a budget i would suggest a 970 board, unless you want to sue multiple GPUs or do a lot of overclocking (4.4ghz or more as 24/7 overclock)

i'll go for the 970. it's my first build in many years so i don't plan on alot of OCing anyways. just figured it'd be a good investment. thanks man!


Hey Guys here's the new build, I actually just got a EVGA 670 because that is all I need, and I might do some rendering/editing so the cuda core technology would help a lot!

Thanks again :)

Check my 670 suggestion, you could get 4GB of video ram

Oh wow, I don't understand how I missed that comment you made! Thanks :)

Alright I think I have the build finally worked out! :D