Amazon Vs. NewEgg [NOOB]

If manage to build this pc, it will be my first. As the title says, I want to compare them, I am pretty worried that my hard worked money will go to waste on some DOA product, If there any better competitor feel free to share. Also my build will be under $350, hopefully.

It is like getting groceries from Ingles or Kroger. Whichever has the best prices. They will both have roughly the same DOA rates, so don't worry about it. Both are good with returns and the like, so chill out.

Personally most of the time buy your stuff on Newegg. but if you are looking for fairly old products then go on amazon. for example you can still get an AMD 7990 or a AMD 6990 on Amazon and those have been out of production for a WHILE now. you can't really get those anymore but Amazon still has them

Check price and if you already have Amazon Prime the free 2 day shipping is really nice.

for that tight of a budget ... i would use and buy from the cheapest source


a little over budget but ... eehhh

Thank You, for actually taking your time to make up a build, I have another question, since I'll be using PCPartpicker, all the materials will come in different dates? no?also can I trust all the sellers in their website to ship with out messing up my order