AM4 x570 ECC Ram



i am currently using a x570 ( X570 Phantom Gaming 4) and amd ryzen 5 3600 as Home Server. I bought initial only 16GB of RAM and i need to update. With updating i want to utilize the ECC functionality since this board has validated ECC support (unbuffered DIMMs ofc). So now the problem is: I want to max out the RAM or at least atm use 2 32GB modules. The only Module that is validated has ECC AND has 32GB for 1 module is basically not available to me or if it is its 2x or 3x the price of the normal price i can find for other similar modules. Check ebay, amazon and other retailers.

How good are my chances if i go for a not validated module that it works?

The QVL for memory that is provided by motherboard manufacturers are really just guidelines more than firm rules. The manufacturers don’t want to test every module under the sun, it would be very expensive and time-consuming for them to do so, so they just assemble a brief list of some modules that are widely available when the motherboard is about to be released.

The QVL matters more in enterprise scenarios for customers who are planning on buying large amounts of the boards and want to buy RAM that is guaranteed to work by the manufacturer. For personal use, you can try anything. Of course there is no guarantee that what you buy is 100% absolutely going to work if it isn’t on the QVL, but as long as what you buy is similar to what is on the list (DDR type, throughput, and latency timings), chances are good that it will work just fine. Always buy from a seller who offers returns though, and always test the RAM using Memtest86 first thing so you can confirm the memory is working correctly and without flaws while you are still within the return period.

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Thank you. I choose the KSM26ED8/32HC and i have not run Memtest86 (yet) but the system runs without any problem for now.

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