AM4 motherboard to use with Linux (specifically, Fedora 30)


I’m getting an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 along with a Vega 56 for a new PC I’m building. I intend to put Fedora 30 on this PC, and I’ve been considering the MSI B450 Tomahawk to glue everything together. However, I’ve come to understand that MSI’s BIOS isn’t always the greatest and can have issues booting Linux (at least with distributions that aren’t Ubuntu), so, I ask, would you care to share your experiences with AM4 motherboards and Linux, and which one(s) you would and wouldn’t recommend for my use case? I’ve had a hard time finding good information about what works and what doesn’t when using Linux.

Thank you in advance.

Well, it also sort of depends on what your budget is… I’m on an X570 Gaming 7 and it’s great with fedora, but that is quite a bit pricier then the Tomahawk…

Pretty much all am4 boards should work well with linux.
Because most controllers used on them are generically used on pretty much all boards.
There are a few exceptions like on the X570 some cheaper boards use realtek lan instead of intel.
Or some more expensive boards use a Aquantia 10gb nic and a new wifi 6 /BT adapater,
and or an additional 2.5G realtek lan like the Crosshair 8 Hero has.
But i suppose that those will likely just work fine on linux as well.

Maybe @wendell could tell more about those new Wifi 6 / BT modules and linux support.
And the Aquantia nic’s.

I believe they are using the Intel AX200 which is supported from 5.1.

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I have been running a Ryzen 5 2600x on a MSI B450 AC Pro Gaming Carbon for the past year with no issues whatsoever. The Tomahawk was a close second.