AM4 Mobo (almost as rare as Bigfoot)

Apparently quite a few sites are reporting this as an AM4 motherboard... In what seems like something out of an HP machine?

Personally having a hard time believing this photo... but who knows.

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Well what ever it is that mATX, hopefully AM4 will actually have mATX and mITX boards unlike AM3+

It has a serial connection and looks like only two audio ports.
Seems like its just an older mb that never got produced.

Also are those drr3 or ddr4 slots? Sure don't look like it.

It looks very similar to an AM3 (non+) board I got from a recycling center... The DIMM's lock are roughly in the spot for DDR4 but thats easily photoshoped
Link to source?

4-pin CPU power connector? SATA ports right above the PCIe slot?

... Yeah, I hope not.

I found this pic on a website like hardware zone or something while i was randomly browsing...
they found this pic at some other unverified source but it seems to be floating around to a lot of 'unreliable' tech sites.. Cannot really be sure what I am looking at but to me it does look like an old AM3 board..

It could be an engineering sample perhaps, something AMD constructed themselves to test the cpu's behind closed doors, perhaps they thrashed the shit out of it in testing who knows but I would not expect their engineering samples to look nice and pretty like the vendor boards you see commercially.

Also the serial port on an engineering sample is not exactly uncommon they still use serial bus sometimes when programming motherboards internally, I remember in college when we were learning about RISC and x86 architecture a while ago they made us write code for motherboards and upload it via serial to test it out.

That looks liko some peice of shit foxconn board

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It is for an HP system so I would guess your about right on the money.

Does that thing have dual VGA?
I need to buy one now LOL

The excavator cores are nice but 512 r7 cores at 900 to 1000 mhz should yield a 15% fps over the 7850k, which disappears when you OC the IGPU. I get 960mhz with a cheap 15 buck cooler on my 7850.
Was really hoping for r9 370 class IGPU on the new APU's.....oh well:)
edit:good find on the article...thank you

Probably one VGA and one RS232 or something else like that.

My understanding was that OEM system builders got AM4 earlier than the AIBs, so it could be legit.

lol .. 9 months later

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