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AM4 Mainboard for R7 2700

Hi there

I had a Gigabyte Gaming 7 WiFi (X470) as my last MB, due to a broken LAN-port the seller is replacing it on warranty. As he dose not have any in stock atm he decided to refund me. Now since then there are a lot of new boards available (also X570 boards) and I was never really satisfied with Gigabyte to be honest. I have a long tradition of using ASUS and the Gaming 7 WiFi was my first Gigabyte board. I don’t like the Gigabyte BIOS and the features the board has are minimal. I just baucht it because I am planing to upgrade to zen 2 in the future and this board seemed better than the available, similar priced ASUS boards.

So I don’t miss it really.

But now I have to start my search again to get another board.

What I must need:

  • ATX
  • AM4 socket (down the road I will probably get the 12 core Ryzen)
  • Overclocking capability (nothing crazy, somewhere of 0.1 to 0.3 GHz)
  • M.2 NVMe slot
  • 4 RAM slots
  • 6 SATA ports
  • 2 PCIe ports

Nice to have:

  • additional M.2 slot
  • additional 2 (total 8) SATA ports
  • additional 1 (total 3) PCIe ports
  • LED
  • White or black colour

my budget is about 250$ i am always open minded to all brands but I would prefer ASUS ASROCK or MSI as I have worked on those boards for friends. It dose not have to be X570 but it should work with Zen 2 and it possible with Zen 3…

As always I will be buying from here I can even spend ~300 Fr.

Hope someone can help.


Well in the $250,- price range there are a few options.
But it kinda depends on what you could sacrifice really.

If you wanne go X570, with an upgrade to a 3900X in mind,
then there are a few options, which i declare have a decent enough vrm,
implementation for it.

X570 from $200 to $250 ish range.

  • Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro. Very nice board with a decent fully IR vrm.
    12+2 phase design 6+2 doubled) and 40A IR3553 powerstages.

  • Asus X570 TUF Gaming plus: this board looks like a 12+2 phase design.
    But it isnt, it’s just a 4+2 phase design.
    But what Asus has done is that they use triple the amount of components per phase.
    And they use 50A Vishay Dr-mos.
    So allthough it’s only a 4+2 phase vrm, it still has a pretty decent current capability.

  • Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite: Also a pretty nice board,
    with all the base features you will likely going to need.
    Vrm wise they use a 12+2 phase ISL implementation, (6+1 doubled).
    And for the powerstages they use Vishay 50A parts.
    So also a pretty good vrm.
    This board is likely the nicest one of the bunge for just $209,-

But you don’t seem to like Gigabyte’s bios.

  • Asrock X570 Extreme 4 8+2 (4+1 doubled) phase design ISL implementation.
    And they use 50A Sic634’s from Vishay.

  • Asrock X570 Steel legend, basically the same board as the Extreme4.
    Just a different color theme.

Msi does not have anything interesting in this price range to be competitive.


If you don’t mind pci-4.0

Then the Asrock X470 Taichi (ultimate)

welcome to the club

Asrock x570 pro 4 wouldnt be a bad way to go and you could save a little money.

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Maybe if you don´t overclock, and never upgrade to a 3900X.
Because that board kinda sucks.
The same as Msi´s offerings in this price range.

I would either go for the Asus X570 Tuf gaming plus,
or the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite.
But that is my personal opinion.
With an honnerable mention for the Asrock X570 Steel legend.
Those 3 boards offer the best bang for buck imo.