AM4 ITX Board with Dual GbE?


Hi Everyone, I’ve hit a PcPartPicker dead end and just wondering if anyone has any ideas…

I’m building a NAS using the In-Win IW-MS04-265P ITX case so that I can install Unraid and use it for all of my Linux VMs, CCTV system and media storage at home. I want to utilise all 4 HDD bays and both 2.5" SSD slots for the Cache Pool. The issue I’ve run into is that I want to use an AM4 CPU so I can put in a low end unit at the start, and if I need more performance I’ve got an upgrade path, but I can’t find any ITX AM4 boards that have either 2 x GBe slots or 6 x SATA ports. One with both would be great but I can use a PCI card to add the missing ports if needs be. I can only find ones with single NIC and 4 x SATA. The only solution I can see now is a USB Ethernet adaptor (that works with Unraid) and a PCI express SATA card, but that seems like a waste of PCI lanes to me…

From what I know there are no ITX boards with Dual-LAN.

What you could do is get a PCIe bifurcation card so you can put 2 cards into the same slot and use all of the lanes. But not every board supports bifurcation, not to mention the cost.

Alternatively you can also get an M.2 to PCIe adapter for cheap and plug one of the cards into that. Won’t be able to use the M.2 for storage then tho. Although there are a handful of boards with 2 M.2s. One of them is typically on the back though so you’d have to see if you can fit that somehow.

I couldn’t find any on .

I also couldn’t find any mini-ITX boards with a single 10Gbps (either SFP+ or RJ45)

ASRockRack has x570-d4i-2t, x470-d4u, x470-d4u-2t boards.

They’re uATX so might fit a smaller case, and they’re also only AM4 ones with IPMI that I know of.

Nope there are no am4 itx boards that offer dual lan and 6 sata ports,
as far as i’m aware.
Because there is simply no space for it on a mini itx board.

Plenty of LGA1151 ITX boards with it, like the Asrock Z390M ITXAC

But I don’t really want to have to pay over £300 for a CPU with more than 6 logical cores :frowning:

Yeah well honnestly the thing with Ryzen in particular,
You don’t even have that many great m-atx options either unfortunately.
You do have plenty of m-atx boards but most of them are crap.
and i don´t think that any of them have dual lan,
aside from the server grade Asrock ones.
But honnestly i´m not really sure if you should go with ones of those tbh.

I still think your best bet would be just atx really.

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Dual LAN can definetly fit on mini-ITX. A lot of industry PCs and thin clients have that.

6 Sata ports can also fit. The ASRock Z87-M8 has that (at the cost of memory slot form factor).

AM4 ITX boards have a very limited selection.

If OP is willing to go Intel, the Supermicro X11SCV-Q has dual 1GB NIC and 5 SATA ports + M.2 slot.

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Of course i was talking in regards to am4 platform. :slight_smile:
Sure on the intel side of things there are a few options.

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The ultimate AM4 board. Asrock X570D4I-2T. Dual 10GB. 4 memory slots… no clue when they release it though :frowning:

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Holy shit that thing is packed!

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Likely not publically.
Because this looks like an oem board only for,
prebuild workstations or servers.

It may have started that way, but as it is listed on ASRocks site, I doubt it will stay exclusive to OEMs

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That board has some seriously strange SATA connectors. OCulink - never heard of it. But 8x SATA on miniITX is really impressive.

If you want to go the USB-Ethernet adapter route there are some 2.5 or 5 GBit Ethernet USB adapters. The 2.5 one’s are pretty cheap.

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“OCuLink 2 is considered an alternative to Thunderbolt”

Thought that too until I looked into it. Seems to be a rather common connector for backplanes.

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We need more of this on consumer boards if you ask me, free up a ton of space.

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I would have thought it would be perfect to have Dual LAN with a HBA SAS/SATA card in the PCIe slot for all your drives. The octopus SAS->SATA cables for RAID/HBA cards are very useful. If you do not have a SAS backplane, then either you need to plug each cable into a SATA backplane or each SATA cable into each drive. Instead of using up a bunch of space on the board, 1 SAS port can handle up to 8x SATA drives with 1 cable.

Here is a consumer available ASRock Rack AM4 board with ALL (Dual 10G) the features:

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That one is itx and has 2x rj45 ports…

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Well, it looks to me that this board is using the new intel 12VO ATX standard,
for power supplies.
Because i only see a 8 and 4 pin power connector.
As far as i’m aware this standard is used for certain prebuilds and oem’s only currently.
Like HP, Dell etc.

But it might be that the board would also be available for the consumer market.
In that regards Asrock is a bit more open.