AM3+ vs FM2+

Ok so I am in the process of building a pc and I am torn between fm2+ and am3+.  I am leaning more towards fm2+ because it looks like I will be able to have an upgrade path with it lasting until 2015 while the AM3+ looks like it is at its end.  I also saw that the Athlon x4 760k has better preformance than the fx-4100.  What do you guys think?


I'm not sure. Personally, I was going to go FM2 with my brothers build (in hindsight, I should have for OCing on mATX form factor), but I feared the lack of L3 cache would hurt performance. It did with the K10 architecture (Athlon II x4 vs Phenom II x4).


AM3+ is far from "dead". The FX 8-core CPU's have been proving to show better performance as developers are starting to make use of more cores. 

FM2+ is not a bad choice either because the next gen Kaveri CPU's will be on that platform, however we don't know yet just how powerful those CPU's will be. 

It certainly would not be a bad choice to start off with an FX-6300 and 990 chip set AM3+ motherboard and upgrade to the FX-8320/8350 later on. That will still be relevant for many years. Longer than most would think, IMO.

If you're on a tighter budget, I would go with the FM2+ platform and start off with a 760K.

Am3+ is basicly a more powerfull platform as fm2+. if you buy a decent  motherboard with a FX6300 for example you will have more performance, especialy on a gaming rig, wenn you wanne go with a dedicated gpu, i would allways go for am3+. unless you realy on a strickt budget. Like jerm1027 says, you missen the L3 cache on the Fm2+ side..

Anyway if you wanne use the 760K with a lowerend gpu, like a 7770/ 7850 ghz for example, then the diffrence for the cpu is not realy big, however if you wanne use it with a more midrange highend video card, then the Athlon starts bottlenecking the gpu.

Will the 760k bottleneck a 270 or 270x?

that will probably a bit depending on the games  you play. gpu intensive games, will not realy be an issue with the 760K and R9-270, but games like metro last light that are also cpu demending, then yeah there will be a bottleneck

But you have to do some research on this point. benchmarks, like jerm did above.

Ok well thanks for the help everyone.