am3 - more lives than disco!

the refresh with the added updated features is nice but I am not really not sure who would buy this product given how long in the tooth and overdue for retirement the whole platform is :D

The thing thats a bit worrying by this, if more manufacturers are going to bring out new am3+ boards,
they might maybe know something that we dont know yet.
I mean it basicly does not realy make much sense to produce new AM3+ boards, unless Zen gets delayed.


Dont forget that every once in a while you have to refresh your product line even if you know there will be a change soon. selling 3-5 year old designs does make you look stale especially when things like adding supports to PCIE slots and stiffening plates have become more common.

But that does not rule out a delay on Zen but it also does not mean anything other than someone trying to make a higher end AM3 board while AM3 is still around and will be for a while in terms of New Old Stock chips.

Killer™ E2200 series Gaming Networks

For the love of network stability can we PLEASE stop slapping this piece of shit onto the mid-tier boards? Please? Intel NICs work perfectly fine on AMD boards, just use those instead.


Just because it is a amd board does not mean it does not work with intel products. Intel cpus with amd graphics cards ,etc

Thank you for repeating what I said?

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Most gaming related motherboards basicly use killer nic nowdays.
except Asus rog.

Well atleast they are releasing something for AM3. By comparison to Intel It seems like the AMD CPU market is dead in the water.

There is one thing I will say about this. AM3+ 990FX platform.. is just plain dead.

HOWEVER, AMD could do something to keep them going till Zen comes in Q4 2016. and it's a simple thing. Make Excavator based FX CPUs. it's not like it's impossible. Excavator is based on Bulldozer anyways.. so they are going to see an improvement regardless. will it be much? maybe. though it will keep people going till Zen comes.

I honestly expect that production of FX cpus has either been ramped way down or has stopped completely. I expect that they are largely just clearing stock at this point and making only enough to make sure that they odn't run out. I don't think that they are going to make any new processors until Zen because the cost for making those would be a problem (AMD has a cash problem) and they want their next release of any CPUs in the FX line to be the big, headline grabbing release, not another life extender. They already did that with the 9000 line.

Yikes. That is even more late to their party than their Revision 5 UD3 and UD5 boards they released not too long ago.

Oh the brightside, at least they brought some updated features, like M.2. Not even MSI's and ASUS's "refresh" did that - although ASRock's latest AM3+ boards did.

I'm slightly intrigued as to why the FM2+ line doesn't receive similar upgrades, but, then again, that socket is just as dead.

Motherboard manufacturers with AMD

maybe they feel sorry for AMD and are trying to get some cpu sales going? idfk at this point I don't see the logic.

Idk my wife and I are quite happy with the 8320 in her computer. I would definitely consider another one.

it really comes down to what you do I guess... if you're gaming with a low-mid tier graphics card it still pairs with amd fairly okayish.

The way I see it is. When a company (like Intel) keeps producing new tech, people rush out and buy the latest must have.
However... AMD have bought out a new board that is 'STILL' using the AM3 socket!!! Shock horror!!! I don't see anything wrong with that! Not everyone has money to burn; money that makes CEO's richer!!!
@Yoinkerman said he and his wife are quite happy with the 8320 Well that's good, isn't it??? If the product works, that is what should matter!!!
That's just my few pennies worth! I'm only worth a few pennies!!!

Might be worth a punt if you are building a new 4k gaming rig. Cheapish mobo that supports fast storage and a chip 8 thread CPU that won't hold a GTX 980Ti or Fury X back.

Personally I'd probably now opt for an i3-6100 and just drop in an i7-6700k later on but plenty of people still like AMD and this could hold them over until Zen is available.

Here's the one question I have. With new APIs like DX12 and Vulkan that are supposed to take advantage of all hardware, wouldn't it actually be smarter to go with AMD? Here's the point I bring up, at 4K it really doesn't matter what you have CPU wise Linus has proven this in some videos. So then it comes down to sheer graphics power. Here's where AMD does have an advantage over Intel on the consumer side with PCIe lanes. Granted 2.0 vs 3.0 but I still think we have yet to fully saturate 2.0 so this should have no bearing.

You would still be building a system on a dead end socket using yesterdays memory and when you come to upgrade it would be expensive. The new i3 procs only fall slightly short of the new i5's for gaming - especially when using the faster DDR4 memory that is available.

We also don't know if despite DX12 that the FX8350 wouldn't be a bottleneck to next-gen cards at 4k. It might not, but it would be a safer bet to have a system you can upgrade just the CPU on without swapping out the mobo and memory.

So overall I don't think it wise to build out a new system with it, but there are still reasons to prefer AMD over Intel so I can see the appeal for some.

Yeah I'm running an A10-7800 now I just needed something for college. It handles what few games I play at 768 res ok (with mods too, but they're more for function than graphics)

Honestly I would say no, the only situation where i would say get a 4/6/8 core amd is if you can't afford a 4 core Intel or get a good deal on one. I ended up getting mine for $99 two black Fridays ago, compared to a 4460 costing more than $200CAN. I'd also say go amd on the extreme low end because some games disable settings with only two cores (pentium chips like the g3258). FFXIV does this, so does archeage, probably some others.

I also feel funny about a $150 i3, no matter how good people claim hyperthreading is. I'd rather get a 8 core amd for that price and be able to stream and stuff easy.