Am i under volting my 3770k?

i found this web page that gives specs




3770k @ 4.49, 1.26volts

evga titan

16gig gskill 1866 @ 2000

corsair c70 vengance

corsair hx850

corsair h110 fans in push intake to create posive pressure (4 intake 1 exhaust)

seems to run as cool as when they were push exhaust


mushkin deluxe 240gb msata for games because port 5 is sata2

mushkin chronos dx 240 gb on port 1 for full sata3 windows 8 with startisback

mary 231-1845

Each chip will be a little different. If you system is running at the speed your desire, and it is stable, then you are good. If you are undervolting your processor, then you will notice instability such as programs crashing to desktop, floating point errors, BSOD, or just system power offs.

Generally speaking, the lower the voltage the better as long as its stable. There is less heat, more product life, and lower electricity bill. Voltage is more of something to throw at components to make them more stable when overclocking.

I think it sounds like you just got a good chip if you under the average.

i was looking for confirmation , refutation, of this 1.33 - 1.36 range

intel had no voltage listed here

From how I read the data sheet below, an IvyBridge chip should be able to go as low as 0.96v, but you should look through it yourself as well to confirm. From personal experience I wouldn't go past 1.35v if I even went that high. My 3770k is at 4.6GHz @ 1.25v and stable. However every chip and board setup is different.


Hope that helps!


yeah i thought those specs were high

i went to 1.26 because it seemed to have less voltage fluctuation

at 1.25 it was peaking at idle higher than 1.28

whereas at 1.26 it's  steady at idle, peaked running prime95 at 1.27

so that seemed the way to go



Its not the same ivybridge, but my i5-3570k is set to auto. at lower power mode it is around .86v and at 4.5gh under load it peaks at 1.23v. I have never had to adjust the voltage on mine, and I have hear of people manually lowering or setting their voltage on ivy bridge because their auto settings were giving them too much voltage when overclocking.