Am I mad? Looking at selling XPS 13 9360 for new iPad Pro

Hi All,
As the title says, am I actually mad?

So earlier in the year I purchased an XPS 13 9360 Kaby Lake R laptop and its a great device I cant knock it in anyway.

But I find my self moving my entire workflow to mobile, both work and home.
So below is my required apps that I use all day.
Email - Be it apple mail or outlook, we use O365 Exchange at work.
Word - Sometimes, if I need heavy word documents I use my work laptop.
Excel - Simply to view xlsx
OSRS Mobile
Google play movies
Stardew valley ios

I could essentially say I have become lazy at home and I don’t mind that, I don’t want to be fixing computers at home when I am not being paid and unfortunately Windows can crash a lot or simply just want to be updated then break everything.

The iPad Pro on the other hand should just work, my iPhone does, i press the power button and unlock and get to doing whatever I need to do.



You are the most mad


I thought so, but dam that new iPad Pro is looking like a great device

You are most probably mad but go with your guts and try it.

I suggest first checking the device or even buying it if they have a return policy ( also check with them if there are requirements for return ) and if you think you can do with it keep it and sell the laptop.

Cant help you with app selection as I don’t own an apple device.

I am holding out until reviews come out, there is a local apple store near me so I shall be having a look definately.
I know the apps are there, that workflow is straight from my iphone but I also can’t help but think essentially iPad Pro is a bigger iPhone, and it maybe a waste of money.

I don’t like tablets in general but this is a personal preference. Yes a tablet is just a bigger phone but that screen estate can boost productivity ( also if you connect a keyboard and a mouse ( not sure if possible on ipads ) ) it will be way better than a phone.

I remember moving from 17" display to 24" man the difference was more than noticeable.

Do it.

I’m also thinking of getting one of those iPads.


There comes a point where for your every day work devices you just want to get stuff done, that’s not lazy.

As for replacing the XPS with an iPad it’s very doable. I think the iPad these days is almost a laptop replacement for many people, and with some bigger apps coming down the line it will be for even more people.

Not to mention the integration with your phone will be much better.

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So I have the current gen iPad Pro with the apple keyboard/case.

Here’s the deal - I LOVE IT for content consumption, and some light work… I can do some emails, watch YouTube/Plex, it has GREAT speakers for what it is… It’s great with TeamViewer and remote access, and it holds it’s own in some light games - I play Hearthstone and CIV 6 on it and it’s awesome.

The battery life is just stupid - the thing goes for days, and the screen is beautiful.

I’ve hardly used my laptop (Dell XPS 9550) since I got the iPad - it’s just soooo much nicer to travel with, etc.

All that being said, you gotta have a PC for real work. There’s just no substitute for a mouse and (good) keyboard, and multiple windows to work in, especially when you’re moving back and fourth between applications.

Bottom Line: If you have a desktop to fall back on when you’re at home - I’d totally do it - I freaking love mine (and I’m not an Apple guy, run a Pixel phone and Win/Linux desktop).

Hope this helps!


Anyways. I think I’m in the same boat sorta, but I want rid of my desktops that don’t do any actual work for me. Shit is just in the way. So, laptop. Makes sense to me, and its the world that I’m actually acclimated to. I’m probably one of very few that can base themselves on a laptop and not see any issues.

Look. Everyone has a workflow. And trust me, I’m a god damn workflow enthusiast ok. I use linux to have workspaces, runit, and graphics drivers that work (tho the security and separated /home is a big upper for me too). I don’t care too much about open source unless its a trust thing. On my phone? I have very few things from the google play store. Most of that stuff either came on my phone or I can’t get in f-droid. Like podcast addict. And you know what? Podcast addict is so fucking good I want to run an android emulator on my desktop and laptop to actually haveedcast addict on there too. Is than mad? Not really.

I’m also one of those people that run the premium version of ADW launcher from like android 3.2 because the workflow of it is so tight that my phone could be a virgin. Its just one and done and I know what it will do at all times.

So. To your question. No you aren’t mad. In fact you’re as example of the average nowadays. People like me look at a desktop computer and see literally another universe still. Its where we put stuff that we basically are hands on with all day. My room is a storage bin for projects with a floormat I sleep on, and my desk is my personal space. And thats just not the norm anymore.

Where people used to be obsessed with computers and design, people are now obsessed with augmenting their lives via a computer. Whether its AR or just “whoops lost my tablet. Remote kill, buy another, yay osrs again lets go to the GE and fuck with people” there if I lost my laptop I am fucked. I have about 300 bucks invested in a 180 dollar thinkpad, plus its a workstation. I’d freak. Everyting is local and I hate the cloud. And thats just my perogative.

Get the tablet, try it out. If you go more than 3 months not using windows sell the laptop. If theres still work to e done with it or you play quake one day and like hing it available, keep the laptop, but have the ipad. Theres no reason for only one or the other after all. Its something I’ve been learning recently taht I don’t think people think about anymore.



The new Ipad pro is NOT a replacement for a proper PC or windows tablet. Inability to use external drives alone is the reason not to buy it. Other IOS handicaps such as non-existent Bluetooth file transfer unless you can use airdrop. Locked to the app store. Its also not a very portable. That thing is massive. Can’t use old “pencil” on the new ipad, have to buy a more expensive version of the pencil.

I guess you have been using that iPad Pro for over a year now. How did it went? Were you able to free yourself from “traditional” computers? Any pitfalls to watch for?

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This is a necro I fully support. I’m curious as well.