Am I insane or a genius? (Kill your console build)

I was just browsing newegg and I came across this CPU. Through further investigation, this CPU seems to be one of the best if not the best budget CPU under a $100. So I went ahead and put together this build on PC Now note that doesn't have the AMD 760k cpu yet but has the 750k one instead. I will be using that as a place holder for the 760k since the are the same price.

Well here is the build I came up with.

The total price is $512. Same price as the Xbox One. I think this is the best kill your console build out there. If you can change up the parts and be in the same ball park, please tell me.

Now I personally wouldn't dare build this. I would save up for highier quality parts but for someone who is on a budget and wants the best pc for the same price as a xbox one than this is it.

I would grab this ram instead:

I don't even consider builds that only have one stick of RAM in them. Not running in dual channel is ridiculous in this day and age.

wow, i came here to shit on your dreams, but that's actually... pretty respectable

There are better PSUs for the same price as that one.

I like your style :P

Wouldn't the cpu be a bottleneck though?

You would get a more FPS with a stronger CPU, but this build proves to be quite economical.

every time i see "console killer" recently i say to myself "no, unless your spending $100-200 more, it's not even going to be close"

though the cpu doesn't quite stand up the gpu is a decent bit better, kind of evens it out

Yes it would be badly bottlenecked by the cpu. A better choice would be a 7850 maybe a 7870 if your oc the crap out of it.

Well, that is pretty damn good for the price, but I don't like that PSU. I would get a Seasonic G 360 for the same price, if not a Rosewill Capstone 450, both of which are higher qualiy units and closer to the actual power need of this rig.

It wouldn't be that big of a bottleneck. As long as you don't play arma or other CPU intensive games.

But a 7870 is $30 less than a 7950.


Added some better RAM (1866Mhz) by finding a PSU deal with a mail-in rebate (it's still 80+cert.)

The CPU is about the equivalent to a FX 4300. The FX 4300 isn't a horrible CPU at all.

Cool. I wonder how Logan's "kill your console" build is going to compare.

Have to remember i am not dinging to card just the cpu .

It would hold back the GPU. However, you would get a higher framerate with a 7950, in comparison the a 7870. The 7950 is an appropriate price right now. 3 months ago, this design probably would have had a 7850/ 7870.

There was a test between the 750K and an i5, and the 750K actually held up pretty well. I'll find the video(s), if you wish to see it?

I would be interested.


No thanks but a it's a 760k in the build. The 750k is just a place holder on pcpartpicker.