Am I going overkill?

New Build:

(Anything marked a purchased is coming from my current build)

So my current build is around 8 years old now and it's time for a new one. Ideally I'd like it to last as long as my current one and allow me to try anything I want, by this I mean multiple VM's at the same time, video editing, twitch streaming, rendering and fast compile times.

I'm planing on running Gentoo with BTRFS, I used Arch in the past, which I really enjoyed and would like to take it a step further. I know the compile time can be a pain but that's part of my reasoning to the CPU, that and the idea of running multiple VM.

For my gaming and other windows programs, I'll be using KVM with VGA passthrough, so the should only be a tiny drop in fps, I'm not a serious gamer, just like to mess around really but still appreciate graphical fidelity.

I choose the motherboard because of the upgrade path, those extra pin should mean It'll take the skylake parts when they appear or I can always go down the Xeon route. I'll have the room for extra RAM down the line if required and 

The multiple SSD's and HDD's are for performance reason, I plan on having the main OS on the M.2, the SSD's are for individual VM's and the HDD for large storage and backup. I've been thinking about RAID 5 for the HDD's but unsure if this will affect performance.

Others bit I've already got;

Mouse: Mad Catz R.A.T. 9
I've got large hands and this fits brilliantly

Keyboard: Logitech G19s
But I'm thinking about getting/making and Ergodox

Headphones: AKG K5500

DAC/AMP: Sound Blaster E3
Used mostly with my phone's bluetooth, hate a cord being attached to it.

Any input would be appreciated, am I going overkill or could a setup like this give me the flexibility a want and last me as long as I'd like it too.


Nah i'd say go crazier, your build is very similar to mine, 5960x, Asus x99 E ws, 64gb, etc