Am I being ripped for having a 24 in. monitor that

Im seeing other 24's at 1920 x 1200... Majority of monitor is $350. Im not sure im getting what im paying for..

well, you already payed for it, right? its full high def 1080, so... i dont know. seems like it should have a lot of features for 350.

You tell me if im getting ripped..

Kinda looks ugly.. Bah, w/e.. im receiving it on monday when its at my door.

Probably, Dell is owned by Nazi's. But hey, 1920x1080 is 1080p, so it's still good. And I like the way it looks personally, even if it does probably have a swastika somewhere on the inside of the panel. lol

no, your not being ripped. most of the 1920 x 1200 monitors will not display 1080p content as well as yours (except the expensive ones, with 1:1 pixel mapping) and your monitor wasn't that expensive.

I wanted a 1080p monitor...

You have your 9800 gtx+ and I will be having my 24, with my 8600 gts.

Alright. I guess its not that bad. Could live without the cup holder in the stand.

what happens with wallpapers? i've never seen a 1920x1080 wallpaper, i just see 1920x1200 one's guess you squeeze it in?

my computer should automatically resize it for me.

well obviously, but it normally centers it (unless you set it not to) and that squishes the image, which looks ugly IMO

yah most normal monitors are 1920x1200...

unless yours is a tv/monitor.

yeah, that's what was going through my mind

I just got it today. looks phenomenal. I have to get use to extending my wrist more over the desktop to reach my games.

The wallpaper doesnt look that bad. im using my old one.

increase ur dpi

u got ripped bitch jk

well I got ripped harder then...Mine was around 430 with 2ms and 3000 CR


i want that monitor >:o!

I just bought that exact same monitor for $255 AU :) w8ing on delivery will let you all know how it is.

It was so cheap cause I used a business code + it was on sale. :D Love buying under a business name :)

Damnit i want that. I paid $220 for my 20" :(

But that was several years ago >.>