AlwaysFlOoReDs code cheerleading and perhaps learning too

As I don’t have any knowledge in the programming field and as I want to make contributions to the community I ran with a suggestion made (probably somewhat in jest) and am going to read each and every post made in reference to Devember.
I’m going to be your cheerleader!
And maybe learn something along the way.

After just an hour in I’m already learning resources that can help me in my own learning journey. Reading the links in the 2 Devember threads I have found and watched several vids on coding. Also found reference to which I’ve been a member of for 4 years, to upgrade my math skills. Now I will check out their CS courses too.

One of my hobbies since I was 14 is working on vehicles with an eye to racing them. As I’ve been a part of the working poor for my whole life I’ve had to make do without the newest technologies. I want to try to get around the inability to buy what I want by building what I want. One of the things I want to use is mega squirt…but that is out of my price level. So an alternative I’ve heard is to program an arduino to do the same as MS. From what I know the language to use is c++. I will do some research and see what I need to do to be able to learn that language.

Thanks for everyone that does their Devember project…you’ve given me incentive to start learning.


I wish you well on this endeavor!


Best of luck, mate.


Enthusiasm is contagious. Glad to have you cheer leading.

*hands you pom-poms *


Well, so far I haven’t missed any of your posts. I would say that I understand about .01% of what you guys write, but you never know, it might start making sense someday. Its how babies learn language, just sitting there and watching and listening to what’s going on…and eventually they start to speak…
I don’t know if I have the time that a baby does tho. Work and other commitments get in the way.
Any way, its a pleasure to see the progress that each of you are making…
Keep it up!


Glad to be your… Whatever I’m supposed to be if you are my cheerleader :smiley:

I can guarantee, that if you see the code I write, you will laugh at it, it’s that simple.
Glad to see we are inspiring other people. Start slow and small and with time you will learn…