Alternatives to triggerring ECC when you can't overclock

Hi all,

I have an Asrock 4x4 BOX V1000M that I’ve equipped with 2x16GB of Kingston KSM24SED8/16ME memory that sports ECC.

Now, I’m running rasdaemon and it’s reported zero errors so far.

I’m looking of some way to “trigger” memory errors so that I may see the ECC in action. Unfortunately the motherboard BIOS does not support overclocking the memory (which would be the easiest way of causing instability) so I’m stuck.

Someone suggested I use “rowhammer-test” to try and trigger errors, but an hour of running it yielded nothing.

I’m just looking for ideas on how to go about this, if at all possible…

I recently made a thread with basically the same topic. See the comments here: Asrock X570 Taichi Razer Edition - Missing ECC option! - #10 by Remisc

Heat gun.


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