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I run several websites on a docker instance that use SSL and I’ve configured the Let’s Encrypt certs to automatically refresh and such. I also use a wild card cert that requires me to manually change the DNS text record for verifying the SSL cert. My question is, how to I tie into the DNS management provided through the .tech domain services? I’ve looked into trying to script something myself, but it’s not super straight forward. Any help would be awesome!


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Who did you register the domain with? Only certain registrars offer APIs that make Letsencrypt wildcard work. Alternatively, you can run your own name servers but that’s somewhat of a headache.

Also, welcome back after 7 years…

Haha, thanks.

I signed up for the domain through I did a fair amount of searching to see what software they use for managing dns, and didn’t get very far.

And I do know that there are other providers, but my main concern with those is cost.