Alternative Rack

So, I have my systems in rack cases and I am looking for rack options that are not just standard boring server racks. Currently I am toying with the idea of putting everything into a 19" flight case for music studio equipment. Those come with big wheels, they are sturdy, they look different and my systems would fit since they are pretty short.

This is basically what I’m looking at:

Now I want to know what else is there or in what way does your rack do things differently?
I’m probably not gonna go DIY but I would gladly take a look at those, too.

Links? Ideas?

Have you looked at the LACK rack?

I have seen those, yeah.

Because of course there is an Ikea option.

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Something like this?

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That is something, definitely. But I was more asking for actual experience, at least that was the intention.

I think the PA racks I used are made by Thon. I never pay attention to that.

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I have 3 vertical racks mounted horizontally under my desk.

I actually had a thread about it when I did the first one.

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Yeah, that image that I posted, that is also a Thon.

That’s cool, neve thought about that. Won’t work for me but still, I like it. :+1:

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My first rack was DIY… was a learning experience.

I should post this on the roast thread.


Ive been looking into building something like this, so this is a topic I’m interested in following.

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I made my own rack a few years back. Welded together 1 inch square steel tubing and bought the 20U mounting rails off amazon. This picture is outdated by quite a bit (from the beginning of 2016), but it gives a good idea of what it looks like.

The 4U case is out of the rack atm, and the specs for that system have changed twice. I actually have two of those cases now, and when my living situation changes they’ll both be going in the rack.

The firewall system is now pfSense, but the specs are the same. I don’t use the HP server at all. Maybe someday for novelty, but it’s just not economical for anything.