Also looking for some feedback on a New Build (w/ "open" budget...)

Hey everyone!

Just joined (probably should have done more "who can build" research a couple of weeks ago,

In any event, I've got an old desktop that I've been trying to keep together but have finally realized it's time to "grow up" a bit so have purchased parts for a new build through a local computer builder here on the US East Coast...

Sadly, I didn't find out until "late" that they have peculiar ideas when it comes to parts (they'll only use MSI boards if one agrees to "no warranty" - other than the manufacturer's, etc...)

On the plus side, I had some $$ squirreled away for the sole purpose of buying/owning a truly "epic" machine (gaming, video, home office) - I tried to stay at $5k, but decided to splurge with SLI 1080's and dual 4k

Anyway, does my parts list look "good" or should I look at the new Broadwell (nothing lower I'm thinking than the 6850; possibly the 6900 if it's worth it...) ? The cooler on the below pcpartpicker list is what they say they "always use" - based on some reviews I've seen though, it doesn't seem to cool quite enough? Do I need to use a different (as in "better") SLI bridge than the one included with the MoBoard? Speaking of Mother Boards, should I use the one that we decided on this past Friday or should I go with something from EVGA, ASUS, or MSI?

I've never actually overclocked anything before and thought that with this new build, I would be able to venture into that territory as well!

Thanks in advance for any assistance and thanks a TON for this really informative site (again, just wish I had actually found it literally 10 days ago!)


edit: Forgot to add Hue!

I would not buy and GPU until reviews of the RX480 are out.
The rest looks good to me.
Except for the CPU-cooler. You want to go epic? Then grab some of your hard earned passos and get something at least as sexy as this:

This is what I came up with: PCPartPicker
I removed Windows 10 since you can get it from a key reseller like G2A or others for like 20$. It's a waste invest 130$ in a license of Windows. 20$ will get you an OEM key that you can transfer with a little bit of fiddling with Windows and activate over and over again talking to an automated call center (this is my experience).

Thanks for the rapid feedback!

I know why the different cooler, just not sure why folks selected the ones recommended (err - I get the whole water-cooled thing but since I'm not sure I'll be overclocking, I'm thinking that water-cooled might be a bit overkill? Then of course there's the potential issue with failure and wet

What's the rationalization behind the different MoBo though?

This box will double as a home workstation - can't run the risk of anything loaded even being remotely "pirated" so shelling out the cash for a full version...

Why would he wait for RX 480 reviews to come out if he is buying cards that are tiers above those? I mean the RX 480 is a $200 card and he is looking at 2 of the Gtx 1080's at $700 a pop... He is clearly looking for more horsepower than the RX 480 even in CFX could provide...

Are you just gaming? because you don't really need to go anywhere near that budget for gaming

Also those displays aren't IPS and will cause your eyes to bleed

I'd suggest you invest in 1440p 144hz IPS displays instead of 27" 4k displays for gaming

the Free-sync ones run around $550,

G-sync ones run $700

So 3 of the free-sync ones plus probably 2 RX 480s is going to be the best "value" oriented option

seriously though, don't blow that much money on your PC, it's not worth it man

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I also "dabble" in video editing and have started working with GIS for work so figured 4k would be the best "overall" option...

His current idea is not worth it IMO.
Dual RX480 with dual 1440p freesync panels will make for a better setup.

Also don't buy an OEM copy of windows if you're going to buy a windows key, as it only works once basically

Then just get the 5820K instead of the 30K you probably aren't going to need the 40 PCI-e lanes of the higher end chip

Spend the rest on a nice chair/desk or audio set up lol

and 3 1440p 144hz display will blow away 3 4k 27" displays, as you'll need to scale the 4k display, thus "losing" some pixels, the smoothness or 144hz I'd say is more important than sharpness though

3 40-50" 4k displays can compete though if you want crazy productivity

The Wasabi Mango in particular can do 1080p 120hz and 4k 60hz if you want the best of both worlds, it also has free-sync up to 60hz

poor mans cpu cooling, come on - at least get AIO cooling. Like the cool kids.

u don't need wd black hdd... if its for storage you should get cheapest 4-6TB drive or 2...
u don't need 1200W PSU... you will be fine with 800W for 3gpu setups at least...
get them 1440p 144Hz monitors... maybe Acer or stick with asus but 144Hz you will thank me later.
the hell you need a dvd/cd drive... your bluray is capable...

The free-sync ASUS 144hz displays only went to like 90hz, don't know if they ever fixed it, acer ones at least go to 144hz

Doesn't matter for g-sync though

there's tool for flashing freesync and you can manually set the range.

That sounds like a pain, and might causes issues, I'd just get the one that's perfect out of the box....

its not that painful,

you just have to hack the monitor driver.

Ya but can't there be issues with the scaler not supporting it?

oh well, its up to whomever buys it... i'm fine without freesync or g-sync... 144Hz 4 win.

Thanks for all of the ideas folks!

I spoke with the builders today - we're going to change the cooler to the "be quiet" model that was posted here (I think...) we're also going to "upgrade" the SSD to the Pro version.

As far as GPUs go, I've had both AMD and Nvidia over the years but truth be told I like Nvidia MUCH better (especially the last "few" years).

Need 40 lanes in order to drive SLI @ x16/x16 don't I?

"Need" dual drives to make ripping/burning easier (video/audio) and I've always been told that one can never have "too much power" :) Additionally, will be adding a few more drives for storage (not that they'll need all that power, but...) and I don't plan on purchasing a windows "key" - need to ensure that I'm totally legit so will get the OEM version.

As far as monitors go, I'm going with a duel 28' solution (not triple) and while the space is decently sized, there's no way that I would want 40'-50" monitors on my desk! I will have a 55" OLED LG mounted on the wall that I could switch between if needed but...besides, I will be doing a lot of stuff other than gaming (well at least "some" stuff) and don't want to switch between 1080 and 4k on the wall.

Speakers/sound/desk is part of a separate budget and has been taken care of - in the process of building a new house (which should be finished by August - we hope anyway); the rig is going into a new 13x15 home office (entire house is already wired for in wall/ceiling sound with Polk speakers through out powered by an Onkyo 7.2 receiver.

Again, thanks for all of the input!!