Alright, need some help!

Hey Tek, Marty here once again.

So, here is what I have-

I have my APU, the A10-5800K (grabbed for $100, what a deal), Corsair CX-430 (grabbed for $23)

What I want/don't have ->

So, I must ask- Do I REALLY need everything on partslist?

RAM is out of the question- I NEED fast RAM.

OCing, though, different story.

If I don't OC, do I really need the heatsink? Or, just choose an MSI mid-grade board?

Thanks for any help




If your APU came with a heatsink then you do not need one (if not overclocking) but I would get one as AMD stock heatsinks are usually loud because of the small fan. I think the one you picked has a  smaller fan than I like but it is a personal choice.

I would stick with the motherboard as I have trouble with MSI BIOS on some boards. Another personal choice.

That ram will not run natively on that board without overclocking.



If you can spare the extra $10, I'd grab a larger heatsink. But, what I'd do first is get it all together and find out how much room you have. If you can live with a loud stock fan for a few days, its usually best to physically have the case, unless you find a good low profile cooler. Noctua makes some that will work well and quietly, but they are also usually a little more expensive.

Aside from that, can't see any issues.

No you do not need the cooler if you're not going to OC.  A cooler still would be a good idea just to help keep the temps down.

I would also suggest getting an FM2+ MOBO so that in the future you will be able to upgrade to the new Kaveri APU.  doesn't have to be the ASrock i chose that one cause it's the FM2+ version on one you had.

Just a note on the case.  There is no cable management behind the MOBO tray so if you don't have a Modular PSU its a bit of a pain finding where to hide your cables. Also if you go with a cooler double check the dimensions cause there isn't much room in that case. and pay attention to the fan orientations cause the core 1000 does not have vents on top or bottom of the case.

For the fans, I was going to set it up so hot air blew out the back, and cool air came in the front.

And, that MoBo is capped at 100w for TDP.


It is always good to go with an aftermarket heatsink. They will keep your hardware cooler and be quieter. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is a good choice. 

Looks like you need everything on that list. That being said, that motherboard you have isn't the best and it won't support that RAM at those speeds unless you overclock. I'm not sure if there are any boards out there on the FM2 platform that support 2400 Mhz memory with out an OC. 2133 MHz may be your limit if you don't want to overclock. 

Also I would go with an FM2+ mobo. That way you can have support for the new Steamroller APUs that are coming out. 

What is a good Mobo that is around $70 and supports 2400MHz RAM?

Basically the one you had picked with the new socket

Also, you will have to tweak your bios settings for the RAM to actually run at 2400mhz. It will most likely default to 1333 or 1600.

It will most likely default to 1333Mhz. Again, that motherboard will require an overclock on the CPU to run 2400Mhz RAM.

The regular FM2 version was overclock unlocked. Combine with the Arctic Cooling heatsink, and I think the ram can hit 2400