All Text Above or Below Pointer Being Highlighted [Chrome]

I am having an issue with chrome since two updates ago where as in the title text is highlighted. This is annoying as I cannot copy anything from the browser with out getting half the page. It looks like this:

The thing is it happens where ever I click the mouse. So if i click to make chrome the active window all thet ext gets highlighted.

I have checked my extensions and it is not any of them.
It is not the mouse double clicking mistakenly, I have tested that.
This only effects Chrome so it is not windows.

I was hoping a chrome update would help but no.

I have searched for similar issues but that turned up nothing.

Anybody have the same thing and fix it? I am open to suggestions it is annoying me.

I think your mouse is double clicking. My G600 does this.

Edit: Redact that lol, just read all of your text.

All ready checked that, but thanks.

EDIT: I like the trigger finger though. Less than a minute from initial post and without reading all the text. Shoot first check if it was an ally later. I joke.

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It's too itchy, evidently haha