All data on iPod is listed as "Other" on iTunes, cannot sync

So when I connect my iPod to iTunes it tells me all my data is "other", when it should be "audio, video, etc".

I have a 4th Gen iPod Touch running jailbroken iOS 5.1.1.

I do believe it has something to do with it being jailbroken, but this is [b]never[/b] happened before and has only started recently.

Removing my jailbreak is not an option.


You installed or un-installed a tweak/theme/etc. that affected an iOS .plist or something withing the iOS system. This happened to me a while ago, only way to fix is to restore. I HAD TO restore because my iPhone wouldn't even show anything on the screen.

Note: Since all your data is shown as "other", you cannot make a backup to which you can sync back onto your device when you restore.

In realisty you need to do a backup and restore every 1-2 months with phones. They slow down because of clutter just like computers and it would take a huge amount of will power to clean it up manualy. I remember my Ipod 4Gen would slow down hugly after a while. Having Themes on it didnt help though.

It best to wait for the new update or try resetting to factory defaults this will restore the os back and will hopefully resolve the issue

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