All audio devices no longer detected + loud buzzing when switching on 1.4 Display Port KVM Switch - Dual Monitor - Two Computer

My setup is as follows:

Windows PC [USB-B] <==> KVM <==> Macbook Pro M1

Connected to my KVM, I have 1 speaker, 1 wireless headset device, 1 mouse, 1 keyboard, and 2 monitors.

When I switch from Windows → Mac, the peripherals switch over as expected.

However, when i switch from Mac → Windows, my Windows device is unable to detect audio devices and causes my speakers to emit a loud buzzing sound.

What could be causing this? any possible fixes?

Try connecting devices via usb3 instead of hid to see if that makes a difference?

Sorry, I should have been more specific about my setup. I have attached an image of my set up to this message.

Most notably, I want to point out that I am already using a usb-c hub instead of HID for my audio devices. The USB-C hub (circled red) is the part that doesn’t work when switching from Windows to Macbook (audio devices not detected, resulting in loud buzzing from my speaker).

I also want to point out that when i was switching from Windows to Windows, it worked flawlessly and fine.

NOTE: i do not use the HID + USB-A port on the front of the KVM because it doesn’t make much sense for me wire management wise.

Another note: I cannot really make use of all 3 HIDs - i think all of my other peripherals are too much for the capacity of HID. the ports only work for my keyboard and mouse

Any other suggestions or approaches on how to troubleshoot?

Conect the usb b directly to the mac not via the lenovo hub for mac diagnostic r easons

Hid is meant for hid devices not random usn devices. Does it need a driver? Doesnt belong in a hid port then

I bought a USB-B to USB-C cable so that i could directly plug from KVM to Macbook Pro and this resolved the issue.

thank you mr wendell :slight_smile: