Alienware x51 desktop?

hello eveyone justed wanted to know what you guys think of this gaming desktop is it worth the price, as i would like to play games like Battlefield 3 on ultra and achieve 50+ frames, thanks

P.s Link of my local store in sydney.

You could get a system that could pop battlefield 3 over 50 fps for no over 600 bucks, why would you want to buy THAT one? xD

Oh god no....

i didnt know alienware was THAT much of a ripoff....

just watch one of teksyndicates videos about putting a pc together



240w psu, option for a 360w...... that system needs 500w.......... plus, it's pre-built......

build one, you'll learn alot in the process, and don't be afraid to ask questions, it's sorta what we're here for

go ahead get it if u want, but if u want an even better computer we would suggest building one of your own

according to pc part picker just the mobo, cpu, and gpu only need 263w to run so a 260 should run it easily. according to outervision extreme psu calculator the recommended wattage would be 315w but the minimum would be 262w

prebuilt, no

alien ware, no

someone help him out, i'm getting burnt out on building rigs

it'll slow down after black friday methinks

btw, alienware is dell..... like a gilded turd....

well im kinda waiting for him to reply if he wants a computer part list put together, and in my experience its hard to convince someone dead set on getting a computer prebuilt to build thier own. i also dont want to put together a part list and have it not looked at by him

build your own part list that i saw from a magazine for $1200(usd)


u can change the country in the upper right to australia for a more country friendly list

Get the build that Eschippers suggested, although I'd change the mobo, SSD, and HDD to these

That would save you enough to get a 7950, which will give you 60 fps on Battlefield 3 at Ultra settings, or you could spend the extra 100$ if you'd like and get a 7970. And as for the other parts, the SSD is the same that Logan recommended, and is stupid fast.

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