Alienware, DigitalStorm, OriginPC, IBuyPower, CyberPower, NCIX....hmmmmmmmmmm

hey everyone. i am new to pc gaming and i am wanting to go a step above and get some enthusiast grade components, however i am afraid to invest alot of money into something im not too comfortable putting together. so i want to know which online pc configurator is the best based on price/performance. blowthisshitup.

NO alienware,NO ibuypower. i dont know the other ones, but these two are REALLY overpriced.

Digitalstorm is a good builder, but they are really only worth while for higher end systems, same with geekbox. NCIX is basically just a component company that puts parts together. I would say they are best out of the above options.

Ask someone here to build one for you with only a little money added( for the time and work). Those brands overprice their builds way too much.

I 100% believe in building your own pc, but NCIX is generally the same cost as just buying the components. Shipping is the killer.

Actually, ORIGIN was founded by the original Alienware guys before DELL took over and changed the company. I recommend you check them out since they are the original custom gaming PC makers! 

order your parts and send em to me ill rig it up and send it back looking amazzaaaziiing

 lol... seriously build your own you'll save a ton

If you're uncomfortable invest a few hours in watching logan's pc build guide, then if you have a tower sitting in your basement or something take it apart and put it back together. It's a lot easier than it originally seems, the only intimidating part is cpu/cooler installation (at least for me).

Yep, as Oxy said, it's not rocket science. You just need common sense and the right tools( which is almost none. Maybe a screwdriver.), and you won't do anything wrong. Building your own PC is very fulfilling, and, as long as you know your stuff, you can be assured of the quality of the parts. Also, if something goes wrong in the PC, in fact any PC in general, it will be easier for you to identify the problem and fix it yourself rather than having to send it back to Alienware or other brands and go through that hassle. In any problem, The Tek community will back you up

I say build your own, but if you must buy one iBuypower and Cyberpowerpc are very cheap. Origin however, is more pricy, but very intense.

One point to consider when going through a PC builder company is the warrenty. I love Origin's evolution warrenty, which is that if you upgrade through them they give you cash back for the parts you upgrade.