Alienware CSS Frag Fest Comp Need 5 People?

right heres the deal alienware are putting this big competition on for css and in the end you win an i7 rig :0 i doubt we will win but its worth a try so if any ones good at css and wants to do it well we see if we get 5 ppl heres more info

Oh and if you think im doing this all for an i7 im not i cant even get it i think it get delivered to us only.

Don't even enter it. I know who's going to win it already... Variance. My CEVO Buddies.

You brag way to much. STFU

lawl i basicaly play css 1hour a week

but if you need me ill play

in pubs i do 20-3 usualy

in scrims more like 9-9 :P

I suck at CSS, so Im out. If you cant find anyone, im in. ( for the lulz )

^^^^Oh, fascinating.

ehh i either suck or if im having a good day i rape in css and i dont have many of those so i'm not going to bother its nice though

Yeahh, what he said ^^ This morning, me drop and revan was playing, went pretty good : P

You have same avatar as ZiikuTV at CTV forums....

Not really bragging lol... I'm just like 80% Certain their going to win... They NEVER lose. The one time they lost ever was when the match got overturned because Timmah forgot to start recording before the match.

awp central, fuck that. niggas need to stop fakin on my TF2. we could make a DOMINANT team with that game easily.

:0 we need more team spirit :D

Alienware is a rip off BTW.


Have you seen the CEVO maps?

Fuck that noise.

LOL team spirit? are we also recruiting for cheerleaders? i can do the T part of RTW :O!