We might have found some for real this time:

Excerpt from the article:

I suggest reading the entire article. This should probably be on the next Tek.


need to read this thanks for sharing!

if anything....

This would be a point where governments would declare war on a outside threat and have "disclosure". Stating they have been at war with them for decades (man made objects). In attempts to activate a martial law to enslave/protect the people of the nation... or it turns out its another WOW! signal but this time it can be tracked. Which would be a natural noise in the cosmos.

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Can we stay on the OP's article as the topic please? thanks :)

im reading the lounge. no need in spreading to non related posts. just saying

Thanks for sharing the article, interesting read.

My bet is that this turns out to be from a military source :-(

To have aliens with comparable tech to us only 95 light years away would be pretty cool though, shame I wouldn't be around to see the response to any message we try and send them (assuming that we would).

I do wonder how much of our comms traffic will escape the solar-system. It seems that with the adoption of satellites and high-bandwidth cables less and less of our communications would need to be broadcast at a strength to send it into deep space. That being the case we might only appear as a short-lived blip to anyone out there that might have invested into a SETI like project to actually listen...

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Is aliens what happened to Tek Syndicate in recent days?

Obligatory "aliens" meme




They come from the land down under...

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If it was only one signal then there's a good chance that it was just one of their own satellites or some kind of interference. But we don't know that yet so it's kinda fun to speculate. Life is short. I'll take all the fun that I can get, even if it's a false alarm :)

fucking SETI, it would be cool if there was another planet with thinking things on, to an extent even if they're predating on humans (or perhaps more in that case), but this follows the same model as HAARP in terms of how it's presented to the public.

This is just like that thing someone did where he was just plugging shit in to power it up and got noises on his speakers - maybe that's nonsense I don't have the mind to check.

But it's that kind of thing, just like 2.4Ghz antennas can talk to each other, it seems sensible to consider that 2 suns could operate like that too if they had similar components (and i suppose many other assumption based on Electric Sun models) Would need to work out where that is in relation to (initially) galactic center, we may be feeling this effect because of a power surge, but that could also have been driven by something we could be about to experience (or not, or a different direction, through stuff we're passing through together)

I don't want to get started on the conspiracy side, will read it later :)