Algorithm ordeals everywhere

Reading “news” about Instagram doing some changes to algorithm feed, and obviously just avoiding that chronological feed

While searching about this one I also stumbled upon

  • YouTube trying this thing and some YouTuber whatever being annoyed
  • Facebook has been working like this for longest time
  • This forum also has that “relevance” option, similar to YouTube and Reddit

I dont understand why is this a thing, like is this some attempt to allow following all the things, and let Apple decide for you what you are going to be seeing, …so you can keep on liking and subscribing to everything? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Guess the thing I dont really understand is removing chronological order and force feeding that algorithm, which just opens spot for new and better platform with that chronological feed

Like and subscribe :man_shrugging:t2:

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Related tags seem to come through 20min duration setting, thats new :roll_eyes:

After Google flagged me again as bot, I was trying to find 3412UM over YouTube, and realized whats going to be the next retardation step

These tags are going to make YouTube and Google searches work identically

So, often I find that I’m YouTube searching answers because Google is too retarded to just search what I write there, so these tags are going to ruin YouTube searching with the same scheme, and soon finding anything difficult is going to be simply impossible


YouTube should have the same options for searching through videos that DIgiKey offers when searching for things… As is, it is retarded and unuseable.

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Changed the title from “orders” to “ordeals”

Living the pinnacle of thats fucking great

Figured that I’ll just unsub from PowerfulJRE to fix that sub feed, but even after unsub, it wants to show them this badly, while still not showing over month old GamersNexus videos :man_shrugging:t2:

…and few minutes later

After subbing for JayzTwoCents and these videos not hiding, I figured that the best thing I could possibly do, is to simply unsub from all the channels YouTube is enforcing

Absolutely meaningless to have these ordeals here, ill use Twatter to follow these problems :man_shrugging:t2:

Them ordeals

  • PowerfulJRE
  • Jayztwocents
  • deadmau5

YouTube seems to enforce other comics when trying to search comic by name, proving that Google algorithm has infested that search as its what Google search has been doing for sometime now

It just enforces couple steps forward, flags as bot once trying to block that, which ends to blocking connection, and so the obvious conclusion would be that next this is going to happen with YouTube

“If you dont want to watch “related” content, you are bot”

Looking for YouTube vids? DuckDuckGo responds to my actual query, instead of playing algorithm games with me. This might account for its increasing market share:


Good luck trying to manually browse through these

  1. Cant sub or it fucks up sub box
  2. Search doesnt work
  3. Channel is unusable
  4. Cant search from channel

Also, I find nothing about these channel changes and search is showing some half years old other thing

I cannot find Marvel Entertainments latest uploads and only way to see anything related to Marvel are tailored feeds,


This was uploaded today.

When you click the video can you see it? Or do you get one of those stupid not available in your country thingies.

For example, without knowing what I want to find, I cannot end up finding this one

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