Albion Online

I've seen ad's for this on youtube and I'm just wondering if anybody heard of this game or tried the alpha? It's a medieval style sandbox MMO made by Sandbox Interactive . Apparently you can also sign up to be a so-called founder which gives you alpha and beta access plus also exclusive in-game content.

I'm just wondering if anybody has tried the alpha or became a founder and if becoming one is worth it because it is pretty expensive since there's 3 levels of being a founder starting from $30 to $50 all the way to freaking $100 for gold level. So far from the look of the game play it seems VERY similar to Runescape with some extra in game content. Anyway looking forward to everyone's feedback.

Link to game:


I've been pretty hyped about this game as of recent and the closed beta starts this month. Anyone else on here gonna be playing, would love to start up a guild?

I am the necromancer!

Posting on here though as very relevant, as I have started playing this with some Destination Linux peeps who mentioned it on their discourse. Not a bad way to kill some hours honestly. Basic graphics but enjoyable playstyle for me, though might become interesting once high enough to get into the PvOP zones… at the moment all 3 of us are in noob areas and setting up a guild just because we’re all casual and… well, why not.

Curious if anyone else is keen or still playing.

No body…

Absolutely no body…


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