Akg k7xx

Anyone know anything about these... i saw them on a website today for $199... looking for a new pair and with Christmas around the corner this seems almost too good to pass up (to save some cash). also i herd Logan say that he had some connections at this site i saw these on... maybe he could pull some strings and review a pair. 

From the impressions that are in the link below, it sounds like hte K7xx sounds a lot like the K702 Anni which is an amazing sounding headphone. It really seems like a great deal to me.


Yes Masdrop has done a massive one off deal with AKG and from other review sites is the best looking from AKG in a long time, specs are around units usually around double that price , downside is the close off date is in 6 days now and the give away here is in 10 days. I've put my order in and if I win the ones here, when pigs fly... I'll have quadaphonic lol..... anything is better than my Senni HD202s