Air cooler for skylake 6600k... around 50$

I've built my skylake pc back in september, but my air cooler is crap (cm tx3 evo, got it for free) I'm in a need a new one...
Would like to overclock cpu at 4.4gh stable.
Allready found a decent deal on a CM 612v2 and a 412s, for around 40 euro each.strong text
Im an art student from Serbia so 50$ is my max.
What are ur suggestions\experiences in this matter?

Cryorig H5 Ultimate is good choice aswell.
Not sure if thats available at your place.

And if it fits your case ofc.

It isnt avaible, just checked..
But it changes periodically, they import "less popular" brands in lesser amounts, usually at a premium.
PS Ive got CM master case5, the back fan is 14cm, so clearance is fine...

Maybe a be quiet! Shadow Rock 2.

Another consideration is to just pick up a Hyper 212 with a nicer fan like a EK Vardar or Noctua NF-F12 since mid-range coolers aren't really worth the money.

That was my first idea... but here 212 is about 45 euros and the Noctua fan is 20+...
So for the same price I could get a Nepton 120XL, or a Shadow rock slim.
Are 612v2 and 412s better in some way than 212?
Because they are a bit cheaper, and I could add a silencio fan later...

I'm bitching because, I have in mind another 10$ for thermal paste... Noctua NT-H1.

How about this? Arctic Freezer Xtreme rev.2 What works with an overclocked FX-8320 will be able to handle the flimsy bit of thermals of a skylake.

I like it! that thingamajig and mx4 paste...
+Colours would go well my motherboard.
What do you think colud i get a decent overclock with it, up to 4.5gh under 80c?

Cant find it, nor can I order it... for under 70$ with taxes and shipping.
Been looking whole weekend.
So CM 612 + silencio fan, or just 212 EVO?
Allready have bought Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste.

I hit 4.6Ghz on my 6600k with a 212 evo. It's a great cooler for the price and if your goal is only 4.4Ghz I'd say you're probably going to be able to do that with just a stock hyper 212 evo.