AI for username Moderation

How does one build this stuff. What kind of dataset?.. I bet it’s reddit.

These guys built an AI for username moderation (blocking peoples choice in name).
Though it does sound useful, I recall a time in which “linux” was a banned word on Microsoft’s connected MSN and/or XboxLive platform.
An API that can do the blocking automagically, where their biases are unknown, sounds like a good way to empower secret police decisions based on names.


PS: Is this is the way to submit links to level1 news?

Links to news articles can be pasted to the community L1News thread, but please only post a link there, not comments or opinions.

The guys don’t always choose all the links for the show, and they appreciate several sources of the news, for example, different sites reporting on the event.

The thread is for us, the audience, to offer suggestions, with no promises to even check the links, let alone act upon them