AI for Raspberry PI

Mycroft now has a Raspberry Pi image that is ready to run. Developers, makers, hackers and enthusiasts can download the image to their Raspberry Pi and create their own Mycroft enabled projects.

We have created the Picroft image so the community has access to a quick, easy to install artificial intelligence(AI). Our thinking is that having ready access to an out-of-the-box AI will inspire some crazy cool applications. We’re hoping our community proves us right.

This image is specifically designed to run without any configuration on your own Raspberry Pi 2 or 3. Just plug-in a speaker and a low-cost USB microphone, and you have everything you need to start working on your own voice agent.

You can download a pre-built Picroft 0.8 image that is ready to be burned onto a microSD card for your Raspberry Pi or you can access the components of the project which are hosted on Github in the Picroft repository

😩 Kickstarter is DEAD to me!

Sounds like another [email protected] project.

If you want to do some true AI you first have to think what you are going to use it for - if you don't have a purpose for it its not going to work at all... raspberry pi or any other weak computers are to shitty to handle any true big-data processing required for intelligent software.