Aggregating Chat Services

Rather then have all the clients for Slack, WhatsApp, Discord clients, etc…
I aim to aggregate all the accounts in one client or self-hosted solution (no matrix bridges don’t support users…)

Any recommendations? only found Franz Messenger but not much else at this time.

Have you looked in to Element Matrix Services? They now natively support Discord, officially!

If you look at the unofficial matrix bridges and things, they have many, many features.

wdym by that…? Users as selfbotting the other service, user as needing your own HS or what?

NovaChat comes with expensive monthly fee, but seems to do things.

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All the slack bridges need admin example: webhooks created or via a dedicated slack integration (using the Events API)

I’m only a member in the slack groups, and just want get a copy of the messages at minimum.

By default, members can add apps to Slack iirc.

Though yes, I’d think Slack doesn’t have selfbots available, as pretty much everywhere I can think of, I can install something.

You can ofc also ask an admin.

If it doesn’t already exist somewhere. I’ll look to scrape the creds from the web client and make a script to import the chat messages across.

jfyi iirc you can’t get away with giving your app cookies to log in to Slack… There’s also some other weird stuff making it hard to interact it by machine.