After slaving away at this for hours, I'm finally finished

No. It's not a new build. In fact the only actual upgrade in this picture is the NZXT Kraken G10. I'm just so proud that I finally finished forcing two All-in-ones to fit in my Air 240.

Wutcha thunk?

(To be clear. The front Radiator is the H100i 240mm Liquid cooler. And the 120mm AIO for the GPU is hidden in the back chamber.)

It's HIDEOUS backside...

(The back houses the PSU, two Crucial MX100 SSDs, 120mm Radiator with two OEM corsair fans in push/pull, and an NZXT Hue RGB LED controller.)


The color matching makes my perfectionist nature happy.

Nice build!

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I approve of the liberal use of red!


Looks great, what sort of temps do you get?

Also whats the fan arrangement?

looks great man

Hahah oh man that's crazy. It's so... full? And that's not the smallest case in the world hahah. Looks really good though! Colour matching is rad. Red is rad. NZXT is rad. Corsair is rad. What graphics card is that?

Probably a rad one

must be.

GPU temp idles around 30c and never breaks 45c at full load.

CPU temp idles around 32c and gets up to about 65~70c at full load.

The 4 sp120's on the CPU radiator are the intakes, and the two sp120's at the top are exhausts. The two OEM Corsair fans on the GPU radiator are exhausts in the back chamber.

It's nothing impressive. Just a Twin Frozr 7970. I'll upgrade it once the 390x is released.

I trust that such good cable management is not ruined by being behind a non-clear side panel.

It's a windowed case. :)

First i thought you had a 240 radiator but damn i never thought of a build like this, 2 single 140 1 for cpu and 1 for gpu! Nice build man!

As a compliment, I just dribbled on my notebook's keyboard! Loving the build!!! :O)

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It's an H100i 240mm radiator for the cpu, and a 120mm Antec Kuhler 620 for the GPU. You can't see the 120mm radiator because it's in the back chamber.