After market cooler placing on a mothrboard

i don't know if i can place the scythe mugen 3 rev. b pcgh edition on the asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 strange connecting part for the cpu cooler ? (beginger of building own pc)


Yes, those two will work together fine, as long as your RAM doesn't get in the way. Is your RAM tall - what RAM do you have?

i have kingston HyperX beast ram 2 x 4 GB 

As far as direction, The air flow should be directed towards the back of the case. The ram you have is a little high, but not that high. I don't know the clearance of the cooler, but I think it should work though. Just read the instructions and if that is confusing, then you can probably find a good tutorial on youtube.

yeah kingston beast ramm is a big high profile, you can run into issues wenn installing such a large aircooler, but ofc you can install them in slot 2/4 if slot 1 doesnt fit, then you still have dual chanel. that doesnt make any diffrence.

what does the that doesnt make sense mean ?

She means the RAM is really tall, and probably won't fit under large heatsinks in the normal RAM slots, but may fit in the alternate slots.

read your motherboard manual to see what slots you can use. On mine, I can use either 1 and 3 OR 2 and 4.... OR all of them.

yes sorry i mean, that kingston beast have indeed a large heat spreader. Such a big aircooler, can cover the first ram slot, so you can get into issues installing the ram in slot 1/3 for dual channel. But you can allways install them in slot 2/4, that gives you also dual channel. that doesnt make any diffrence. But if you lucky, it will fit. But i personaly allways recommend, wenn somebody want´s to install a big aircooler, to go with Low profile ram, (low heat spreaders on the ram)

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