After 1 Month of research I think im ready to order

This build will be used for gaming streaming recording and editing.

Thanks for checking it out and tell me if you think i did something wrong.

I don't really like the Corsair CX series. That's a personal thing. I would prefer this


Why is that ? And what do you think about the rest ?

I can't speak for Shadre, but I don't like the CX's either. Mostly cuz they are overpriced for an 80+ bronze psu. Cables are a little funky as well, flat, ribbon style 4 pin CPU power a la a SATA power cable makes for some tricky cable managment.

Please do yourself a favor and find a good 80+ Gold PSU. Seems like every time I necromancer someones PC it's because they decided to skimp on the power supply. Power stability is a huge factor in both the stability and lifetime of your build. So it should be that last place to cut corners on price.

I have been building systems for 10+ years and I have never had one go full retard because I always put in a better quality PSU than the rest of the system. It is just good insurance.

If you can live with an extra ~20 euros then I would strongly recommend Best price for a Gold in a good brand on that site.

As for the rest, The Samsung 840 EVO stomps all over the crucial in "bang for the buck"

And while some people say the opposite of me I will recommend WD over Seagate anytime. I used to love Seagate but their quality has dropped dramatically in recent years. Bought the same drive listed here a while ago and it and the 2 replacements afterwards died catastophically within a couple months. so...

or if you want cheaper and are ok with not super speed on your giant HDD

 All this is purely opinion and preference and I realize just about everything I have suggested costs more. But you really do get what you pay for and IMHO it is better to do without then pay a little less for a product that is not as good a deal.

The CX series is Corsair's lowest spec series. It'll probably be ok, but that series has a higher failure rate than the rest of their PSU lines. The XFX has a great reputation and is a higher quality PSU for just a few Euro more.

+1 to those recommendations. The PSU might be a little overkill, but the logic behind the decision is sound. Shadre's recommendation is sufficient if you don't want to spend that much.

Also, I think the links got mixed up for the HDD. The first one leads to the Samsung SSD again. A Western Digital Black series hard drive has a much better reputation than the Seagate drives.

Looks pretty solid. Corsair actually got some cheap Gold certified psus. I'm using a Corsair CS750M and it's rock solid. Also if you going to do crossfire later i would suggest buying the CS750M. Super cool. 

Im also thinking about this one:

Would that be better ? nearly same price

They should perform about the same.