AEG's dive into Minecraft Specific Hosting


Considering it works perfectly fine on other server versions, there’s no chance of it being an issue with our network. As for ports, they’re all automatically opened.

I’m indeed unable to connect to the server as it is now, even though it’s totally up in the console, meaning that the only possible error left is that the Spigot version you’ve uploaded has some weird error in it.

Can you send us the link to the page of the exact .jar you’re trying to install, and we’ll look into setting it up for you?

Amber A.
Technical Support Operator
Apex Hosting

That is what the support representative says. That is a pure lie. I cannot connect to that ip and port no matter the jar configuration. Fuck apexhosting.

Pebble atleast had me going with the first shot.
Though pebble lags a whole hell of a lot for the price they are charging for 4 virtual cores.

Besides linode does anyone suggest a good minecraft server host?

Can’t recommend any host, I will say far too many hosting companies oversell capacity to some degree and if you’re unlucky there is a chance of being provisioned on a less than ideal server. I knew someone who wanted to host their portfolio of web projects, turned out the “database” part wasn’t hosted on the same webserver and everything would randomly stall/break due to latency.