Advise on a new 1000w PSU to last hopefully 8-10 years

I could use some opinions on power supplies. In preparation for a 7900XTX upgrade I need a new power supply. My current one is a 750w RM750 which is around 8 years old. I’m hoping whatever power supply I get can last me two system upgrades (8-10 years).

  • Do I go with a Corsair RM1000X as a stopgap solution knowing I may need to buy another PSU when I rebuild in 4-5 years

  • Go Corsair HX1000i as a good platinum PSU but lacks PCIe 5/ATX 3.0 compatibility so I may need adapters on the next system build in 4-5 years

  • Buy an MSI MPG A1000G PCIE 5 which has all of the connectors I need plus PCIe 5/ATX 3.0. Downside is its 80+ Gold and I’m unfamiliar with MSI PSUs. It says Japanese caps so it should be fine quality wise.

Part of the reason I chose these ones is I can buy them all locally.

Something that may throw a wrench in all of this is if the 16-pin spec changes due to the melting issues from people not plugging it in properly.

Just try to get a PSU from a reputable vendor, like Seasonic, Corsair, EVGA, Silverstone, Be Quiet etc…

If you want to make the chance a little bit higher that it lasts longer then do go with platinum or titanum certified PSUs. Seems that you already know that though.

I don’t know what makes you say that that PSU can only be a stopgap solution as it is a fine PSU and will probably last you your 8 years.

Also a fine PSU, as for the adapters: You may need that with most current PSUs as there aren’t that many that have a native plug.

That one seems to not be very good, at least according to this review, many cons, note that that is only the non-PCIE5 version but I kinda doubt there is much of a change.

I doubt there will be a major change in that plug/spec as it has to still be compatable with the current generation of GPUs.

The Corsair options are good options. And you can buy native cables upgrades from Corsair for PCIE 5 GPU. Or even non Corsair cables that fit and are high quality. CableMods.|-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/600W-PCIe-5-0-12VHPWR-Type-4-PSU-Power-Cable/p/CP-8920284

The Gold label isn’t necessary meaning that it is bad or not long lasting PSU.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll probably end up getting the HX1000i.

I wanted to think long term since this is something that I’d like to last 8-10 years. Its just a bummer that the new PSUs with 16 pin plugs aren’t out yet. Always kinda feels bad buying something just before the new stuff comes out. I’ll see what adapter cables are required when I eventually need an upgrade from the 7900XTX

I’m getting a Corsair 1200W and the 12VHPWR adapter, looking around there are only a few expensive PSU with a built in connector, so I’d buy a quality cable and avoid the stupid squid Nvidia adapter.

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