Since my phone is failing me after having it for three years. My parents told me i can chose new one as a gift for x-mas but the problem is I don't really know. What is what in this area. So I ask for advice on what to get and I know for sure I'm not getting Iphone again. It was worst buy I ever made.

Galaxy S2's are very sturdy and pretty damn good. But there are newer phones out like the new Nokia's that are apparently pretty good.

+1 on the S2, nothing fancy, but it's really sturdy, I drop it on tiles, concrete, hard surfaces on basically a daily basis and the most damage it takes is a bit of scratching to the corners.

I'm sure galaxy S2's are great and all but i personally have a galaxy S3 and its showing its age, and that's only a year old. So if you're going to get a galaxy id get the S4, because its the newest and boasts good hardware. But ultimately I'd get the nexus 5 if possible, some carriers like verizon don't allow the nexus 5 so you have to be careful. but out of all the new phones on the market it boasts the best hardware I've seen (in a reasonable size), some of these half tablets are better but they don't look like they would make good phones

it would help to know like where the fuck you live.

I live in fuckin Sweden. I hope that helps.

i would recommend you get any flag ship phone that is offered in your country of sweden. you should visit the store of your mobile phone provider to check them out, see how they feel in your hand and once you've narrowed your choices down to about a few you  should go online to see reviews about those phones to see which one best meets your mobile needs.

I dropped my GS2 like 1 meter while it was in my jacket and the screen went completely. :'(


So I got to decide between Galaxy s4 and Nexus 5. Both of the phones will cost me the same. I lean more t thwarts Nexus but I'd like to ask of you opinion before I make it final. 

I checked and s4 has snapdragon 600 and n5 is one with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. Battery efect in n5 is 2300 mAh and s4 2600 mAh, it should be fine since I'm no poweruser. Is there anything else I should beware?


So I got my nexus 5 yesterday I need something to get me stared on it.  I already installed multiform apps and I'm not sure what I need next.. Thanks for all info.